"250 Minutes, Chapter 2: The Shadows": After two terms as President of the United States of America, George Washington wished to rest on his Virginia estate. His retirement was not to be a peaceful one, as when he was strolling on his property, he had

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Baron Winters

Night Force (Volume 3) #2 is an issue of the series Night Force (Volume 3) with a cover date of June, 2012.

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Synopsis for "250 Minutes, Chapter 2: The Shadows"

After two terms as President of the United States of America, George Washington wished to rest on his Virginia estate. His retirement was not to be a peaceful one, as when he was strolling on his property, he had a strange encounter with something of pure evil. That night, he died, with all signs of whatever he had seen gone.

With Washington's death, a group led by Simon Talmon bemoaned his loss, having wished to use his psychic genes to father a new generation of beings. However, Washington was infertile, and Thomas Jefferson's affair with Sally Hemmings would prove more fruitful, given that the slave bore the psychic gene.

Now, James Duffy, Jr. and Zoe Davis return to Wintersgate Manor to get answers from Baron Winters. The Baron enigmatically refuses to talk about the shadows they saw earlier, but he does want to ask about Zoe's daughter. Zoe claims never to have had a child, but the Baron picks up his phone and demands that the doctor who examined Zoe tell her what he found. Doctor Levine explains that Zoe had had a baby. Her X-rays showed scratches on her uterus, as if something had tried to claw its way out. In disbelief, Zoe lifts up her shirt and discovers a large scar across her gut. Bewildered, Zoe agrees to more tests.

The Baron continues to evade his guests questions, but wonders how someone managed to create holes in Zoe's memories without using hypnosis or drugs. Annoyed, Duffy attempts to take the girl back to South Carolina, away from the Baron, but he is prevented by Merlin, the Baron's leopard.

Stepping through a door in the mansion, Baron Winters brings Zoe to London, England, in 1648. He leads her into a small castle, and down into a dark dungeon. They are expected, as they are meeting with a psychic named Kassandra Fey who resides there. The haggard old woman identifies Zoe as a Generation-9, marvelling at Simon Talmon's success. Kassandra claims that while Zoe's mother made a poor Generation-8, her daughter is a Generation-10, and she is perfect. Despite his promise to set Kassandra free, the Baron leads Zoe away, explaining that the psychic must remain there, as her being freed would upset the balance between order and chaos.

Elsewhere, strange men monitor the activities of Senator Greene, who belongs to Generation-9. They require that he maintain control and resist the forces within him until the election.

When Zoe and Winters return, they find Duffy pointing his gun at them. Strangely, the weapon fails to work, and then his phone rings. The voice on the other end confirms that the DNA samples that he took from Zoe match a certain woman from his past. The Baron encourages Duffy to come clean with the information he has about Zoe's real mother.

Duffy explains that he and his father have been consumed by the investigation of the disappearance of an apparently pregnant woman named Carole Dutton. His father's case had gone cold when the supposed murderer was caught, but after some time, the elder Duffy had begun to wonder if perhaps the man was innocent. Then, a baby was found in Colorado. The baby had the same crescent shaped birthmark that Carole Dutton had. The elder Duffy had gone back through similar cases and found that for hundreds of years, women had been kidnapped and left behind daughters with that same birthmark. That birthmark which Zoe also has.

James Duffy, Sr. had become obsessed, and he began investigating all cases of kidnapped women and missing daughters. One day, as a boy, the younger Duffy had wanted to go to a ball game with his father, but his father's door wouldn't open. Suddenly, a a series of awful screams began to come from behind the door, and green ooze seeped out from the cracks. James Duffy, Jr. managed to break down the door, and he witnessed his own father being killed by the shadows. Eventually, they dropped him to the floor. Before dying, the elder Duffy passed on a strange coin to his son.

Duffy explains that the results from his DNA test on Zoe confirm that she is Carole Dutton's granddaughter - and he doesn't think it is a coincidence. Duffy accuses the Baron of having brought them together on purpose, but the Baron refuses to give them answers. As he leaves the room, it transforms into a graveyard, and Zoe and Duffy have no idea how they got there.


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