"250 Minutes, Chapter 3: The Nurses": Turning to Sgt. James Duffy, Zoe Davis explains that when she was young, she had dreamed of being watched by strange beings with black eyes. She knew instinctively that those beings were real, hi

Quote1 This is the second time in two days Wintersgate's been breached. First that gatherer broke in, then those fake police. Nobody should be able to get in here without my say-so. How the hell are they doing it? Quote2
Baron Winters

Night Force (Volume 3) #3 is an issue of the series Night Force (Volume 3) with a cover date of July, 2012.

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Synopsis for "250 Minutes, Chapter 3: The Nurses"

Turning to Sgt. James Duffy, Zoe Davis explains that when she was young, she had dreamed of being watched by strange beings with black eyes. She knew instinctively that those beings were real, hiding in the corners of her waking vision. Now, having been told that she had a baby she doesn't know about, Zoe is beyond confused, but she'll be damned if she'll let Duffy keep her at arms length from something which involves her so centrally.

In 1932's Chicago, Simon Talman came to be considered a serial killer. It was a select few who understood that he was something far worse; a collector. He had begun to kidnap women who bore the birthmark of a crescent. One such woman was Frances Keener.

Duffy takes Zoe to his home, where he explains how he had grown up admiring his father's determination in solving crime. His father's example inspired him to try to get into the FBI. That didn't pan out, but he has enjoyed being a cop. After he heard that his father had died, James knew he'd been murdered. He had dug into all of his father's old cases for clues, but he had never found one until now. He draws Zoe's attention to one of his father's notes, indicating that cases similar to that of Carol Dutton's can be traced back as far as 1852 in Dakota.

It was the worst blizzard in years, and a pregnant Ada Fairchilde was being watched over by a man named Harrison when someone - Simon Talman - burst into their cabin. He grabbed Ada, and determined that she had the birth mark. Then, he drained Harrison of his life force before taking the woman and her baby to be. He and the woman disappeared just as Harrison's companions returned. Harrison managed to get out that Simon had been looking for the birthmark before dying. Seven months later, a baby girl sharing Ada Fairchilde's hair colour and birthmark was found in Barcelona. James' father had chanced on a news article about it all when they were on vacation in Spain, and he made the connection to Carol Dutton. All this leads Zoe to wonder just what her birthmark means.

In South Carolina, Senator Brian Greene still suffers from headaches. He happens to catch a broadcast from a Democratic candidate for Governor of Georgia, Jimmy J. Jones, whose leftist politics are unexpectedly gaining ground. A doctor has prescribed Greene a mild sedative for his stress, but he has plenty of stress, as he feels that his campaigners are putting words in his mouth that he doesn't agree with. His wife reminds him that he is not beholden to his campaigners. After Greene returns to his office, his wife checks in with the strange beings who have been monitoring his behaviour, and promises that he will win the presidency - a move that will set into motion a chain of events that they consider favourable. Each of the generations they've created will be arranged in a perfect hierarchy as a result. Mrs. Greene, meanwhile, is pregnant with what she believes will be a perfect Generation-10.

Greene arrives at his office, but when he opens the door, he stumbles into Wintersgate Manor, where he is greeted enthusiastically by Baron Winters, who welcomes him into the Night Force. Within moments, though, a green light fills the room, and spirits the Senator away. Winters is left wondering how the security of his manor could have been compromised again. Reluctantly, he uses one of his last favours to have Emily talk to someone who hates him: Donovan Caine.

Caine is in hospital, having lost an arm and a leg on his last mission for Winters - not to mention the cancer he has developed as a result of radiation exposure. Angrily, he sends Emily away, wanting nothing to do with Winters ever again. But when Emily delivers the message that the Hunters and Gatherers have arrived, Caine can't let it go. When she leaves, Caine's hospital bed is magically transported to Wintersgate, and he realizes that it must be important, if he's being brought there so soon.

Elsewhere, Mrs. Greene watches as Zoe's monstrous baby is prepared for gestation. Its guardians remove their masks to reveal reptilian forms, and they begin vomiting blackness all over the babe. They add it to a hive of other babies, knowing that this child will be ready to hatch in just six months.


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