"250 Minutes, Chapter 6: The Revolution": Kassandra had last seen Baron Winters when he showed the Generation-9, Zoe Davis to her. Then, she had reminded him of his promise to help her, and he had chosen

Quote1 Give me a break, Merlin. I was just thrown through time. I was nearly burned to death. And I'm in pain. Let me rest. Quote2
Baron Winters

Night Force (Volume 3) #6 is an issue of the series Night Force (Volume 3) with a cover date of October, 2012.

Appearing in "250 Minutes, Chapter 6: The Revolution"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Kassandra Fey (Flashback and main story)
  • Gatherers (Flashback only)
  • Harvesters (Flashback only)
  • Nurses (Flashback only)
  • Simon Talman (Flashback only)

Other Characters:

  • George Washington (Flashback only)
  • Frances Keener
  • Carole Dutton
  • Brian Greene
  • Kimberly Davis
  • Lord Darcy (Flashback only)
  • Merlin




Synopsis for "250 Minutes, Chapter 6: The Revolution"

Kassandra had last seen Baron Winters when he showed the Generation-9, Zoe Davis to her. Then, she had reminded him of his promise to help her, and he had chosen to let her stay there, trapped in a 17th Century English madhouse, forever. He had not bothered to discover that the oracle had been accumulating power for years, and his slight was the trigger she needed to unleash it, and free herself. She began to drain the life and energies from her fellow prisoners, leaving many corpses in her wake.

Disgusted by the conditions of the madhouse, the House of Lords had decided to simply raze it, and send the surviving prisoners - of which there were few - to Barbados. It was more than a hundred years since her visit from the Baron, the governor of Barbados had decided that she was no longer a threat to anyone, and had her thrown out into the streets. She had waited for thirteen months for the arrival of George Washington to see his brother Lawrence, who was afflicted with consumption. Kassandra used her abilities to hasten Lawrence's death, but she would protect George until he could be of aid to her cause; to be the first to make possible the powers of PSIs and demons.

With things set in motion, Kassandra caused a massive storm that drowned the coast, killing thousands. With each death, she grew stronger and younger. Today, she is the wife of Brian Greene, a prominent senator, and the progenitor of Generation-10. She leads the PSIs and demons, though they have existed since long before man drew his first breath. One by one, she had found each of them: harvesters, gatherers, nurses. Now she leads them, on their 250th anniversary. Baron Winters is dead, so far as they are concerned, and the first perfect Generation-10 has been born. Kassandra wishes only that Winters could know that his magical Wintersgate Manor actually enabled their success. Every time he had visited her in the the 17th century, she had siphoned some of his power.

Kassandra passed that power on to Simon Talman, giving him the power to circumvent the Baron's security. Splitting into hundreds of souls, Simon had used the manor to cross time and space for Kassandra's ends. The son of Thomas Jefferson and a Slave had been the first of Generation-1. Within four generations, there were nearly one hundred. Their in-breeding, though, caused several failures. So, they had gone outside of their circles to search for unrelated dormants. They were successful in Frances Keener, Carole Dutton, and Brian Greene. Carole, then Kimberly, and now Zoe were born - and Zoe represents just one line of seeding. There are hundreds more. With the help of Wintersgate, Kassandra's people were able to further their cause in just 250 minutes, instead of 400 years.

While the Generation-9s had led them to this point, the 10s would turn humans against one another. The 11s will break apart families. The twelves, though, will start the final war that will render humans extinct.

Back, trapped in 1648, Baron Winters drags the corpses left in Kassandra's cell into the shape of a pentagram. He hopes that he can tap into her residual energy to transport them away. After speaking some mystic phrases, the bodies all explode into flames, and Winters and his leopard are thrust back into their manor. Upon returning, Winters is aware that his Night Force is in trouble, but hopes that leaving them to deal with it themselves will teach them how valuable he is to them.

In Washington, D.C., the fire department tries to rescue two people trapped inside by following the sound of a man's voice. With the victims, they discover a strange creature with amphibian features. They manage to save them all, but are puzzled that they found the man subconscious despite having heard him calling out to them. They are further puzzled when all three victims disappear suddenly. As it happens, Baron Winters decided to save them after all.


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