"250 Minutes, Chapter Seven: Born Again": Having just rescued his fledgling Night Force, bringing them back to Wintersgate Manor, Baron Winters looks on them with fear. He thought he knew everything he needed to, but now, he knows

Quote1 You don't like happy endings, do you, Merlin? Quote2
Baron Winters

Night Force (Volume 3) #7 is an issue of the series Night Force (Volume 3) with a cover date of November, 2012.

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Synopsis for "250 Minutes, Chapter Seven: Born Again"

Having just rescued his fledgling Night Force, bringing them back to Wintersgate Manor, Baron Winters looks on them with fear. He thought he knew everything he needed to, but now, he knows that he was wrong - and this will not end well. Coldly, he refuses to allow Merlin to kill young Mia and the strange creature she just gave birth to.

Before Jim Duffy wakes, Winters moves Mia and her child to a different location. As the older man rises, the Baron warns him to go home and leave them alone. Duffy is confused, and refuses to go without Zoe, grabbing the Baron by the neck. The Baron claims not to know where Zoe is, and Jim demands that he be sent back in time to his father's office, to catch one of the malevolent spirits there and ask where Zoe is.

The Baron complies, and Jim arrives outside his father's office in 1956. Jim realizes that he can't change history, but he peers in through the window and watches his past self arrive there with Zoe. Despite his desire to prevent his father's murder, Jim waits patiently for the precise moment and then leaps at the spirit - Simon Talman - grabbing him around the neck. Once he has the spirit in his graps, Jim calls out to the Baron to be brought back to the manor. Back at the manor, Winters agrees to interrogate Talman as to Zoe's whereabouts. Duffy, on the other hand, will have to attend his own retirement party.

Unhappily, Jim appears at his retirement party, but is too determined to stay and enjoy it. He makes an excuse and sneaks outside to hail a taxi. The cab arrives outside Wintersgate, and Duffy rushes in to see Winters performing a ritual on Simon Talman. When he died, Talman's soul was split into several pieces across time, in order to ease recruitment of the dormants. Fortunately, Winters has managed to locate the splinter of the man's soul that took Zoe.

Elsewhere, Senator Brian Greene is suffering from seizures and visions. After having his mind warped and wiped over and over by his manipulating wife, his hidden memories have started to blend with his current experience, and it is driving him insane - at the wrong time for the gatherers. They still need him to impregnate Zoe. In a moment of lucidity, his wife drags him out and prepares to force him to have intercourse with Zoe, reminding him of how he had impregnated her once before, and her mother, and her mother. Though he can barely handle it, Kassandra Fey forces him.

Meanwhile, Duffy has found his way to the building, and is alerted by one of Zoe's screams as Greene advances on her, begging for her to stop him from raping her. Remembering her dreams, and how if she fought against the monsters she saw in them, they would disappear, Zoe strikes out at Greene and he snaps back into consciousness, turning on his wife. She is too powerful, and disintegrates his body with her magic, ordering that another man named Jones will replace him.

Kassandra turns to Zoe, and explains that she will soon be seeded again, but Jim appears with a gun and Zoe's baby in hand. Angrily, Kassandra leaps at him, needing the baby back. Instinctively, Jim shoots her through the chest, and she collapses to the ground, reverting to her ancient form. Her power begins to fill the room, destroying everything it touches, and Jim rushes a naked Zoe and her baby out of the building, urging her not to ask any questions about what she saw.

Winters whisks the three escapees back to the manor, and safety. Jim offers Zoe his shirt as the girl looks into the face of the baby, and knows that it is hers. Disgustedly, Winters asks them to leave. He sends Jim back to his retirement party. Zoe, he packs into a cab, and sends back home. Through the window of the car, she announces that she will name the baby Winter in his honour, because it was because of him that she has her at all.

Alone with Merlin, Winters muses that there is still another of Brian Greene's babies growing in her womb, thinking it best not to tell her. Regardless, Merlin, never a fan of happy endings, has already lined up another mission for Winters in the Book of Night.


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