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Thika, a crippled Native American boy who travelled on a sled pulled by his dog Keishe, was ridiculed by his peers, and in particular the young warrior Rodo, until he found a mysterious coal black horse he called the Night Mare. The mare allowed Thika to tame her, and with her aid he saved a princess of a neighbouring tribe from Viking raiders. Now accepted as a warrior by his tribe, Thika (with the Night Mare's help) also saved the tribe from their enemies, but Rodo was crippled in the battle. Thika intended to give Rodo the Night Mare, but when he went to look for her again, the horse had vanished without trace, leaving not even a hoof print behind. That night, Rodo dreamed of a special horse, black as coal...

It is unclear whether the Night Mare exists in mainstream DC continuity.



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