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Nightwing is a Kryptonian God who acted as the eternal companion and lover of Flamebird in Kryptonian Mythology.

Nightwing was originally tasked by his father and creator, Rao, to hunt down the evils which hid from Rao in the shadows. Being a shadow creature, Nightwing could not walk among the other Kryptonian Gods (apart from Vohc), causing him to live a lonely existence.

Through the efforts of Vohc, Nightwing managed to meet Flamebird, causing the two to instantly fall in love with one another and become intimate companions. After Flamebird destroyed Vohc's newest and most cherished creation against his wishes, Vohc took revenge on both Flamebird and Nightwing by creating a spire of Kryptonian sunstone crystals that sealed away Nightwing in the Phantom Zone after Flamebird tried to destroy it.

Nightwing would eventually manifest within a physical avatar as a Kryptonian male named Lor-Zod.