"Child of Justice": Nightwing is in a bad situation: handcuffed to a refrigerator and drowning because of the fridge's weight. He recalls the events that put him into that situation.

Quote1.png Blüdhaven. A short car ride down the coast from Gotham. But it seems a century away. As bad as Gotham is, Blüdhaven's worse in a lot of ways. If it's too coarse or too awful or too vile for Gotham, it winds up here. Quote2.png
Dick Grayson

Nightwing (Volume 2) #1 is an issue of the series Nightwing (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 1996.

Synopsis for "Child of Justice"

Nightwing is in a bad situation: handcuffed to a refrigerator and drowning because of the fridge's weight. He recalls the events that put him into that situation.

Nightwing and Batman were at the Gotham City Morgue checking some dead bodies that were recovered from the estuary. The cause of death of all of them was broken necks and Batman knew that the bodies floated from the harbor from south of Gotham, direct from Bludhaven. The dead men were all part of a gang in Blüdhaven. Nightwing agreed to go and check for some clues on the dead bodies in Blüdhaven.

Blüdhaven's reputation was much like Gotham's, and when Dick arrived to the city the first thing he did was to save a girl from two offenders that approached her in a unfriendly way. Dick gave the girl some money for the ticket back to Gotham and told her to ask for a job at WayneCorp on his behalf. Later Dick planned to start looking for the possible murderer: a gang leader named Freddy Mihn.

Nightwing decided to check upon Mihn because he suspected that it was all about a gang war in the city. When he arrived at Mihn's place he knew that he was right about the gangwars, but he was shocked to see that Mihn was fighting against the False Face Society. The False Facers kidnapped some kids and locked them in a refrigerator or so it seemed, as Mrs. Mihn was screaming about her kids when the False Facers took away in a truck. Nightwing followed the False Facers and he came to a better understanding of what was happening at the city. Nightwing got on top of a truck and told the driver to follow the men in masks. When he was near enough to jump into the False Facer's truck they shoot at the vehicle to stop Nightwing but he managed to get into the truck. Nightwing tried to hold all his enemies but he was outnumbered and he was worried about the kids. The fridge started to slip out of the truck and Nightwing was distracted as he tried to keep it inside the truck. One of the facers attacked Nightwing from behind and he dodged the attack but the feat cost him his ponytail. Nightwing enraged by that fact beat almost all of the false facers and opened the fridge to save the kids but he found only a briefcase. The false facers seized the opportunity to knock him out for a while.

When Nightwing woke up he was handcuffed to the refrigerator and the Flase Facers explained that the briefcase contained some of Mrs. Mihn's egg cells that were to be used for in vitro fertilisation. Black Mask needed those to extort Mihn and place himself as the main drug dealer in Blüdhaven. Nightwing heard enough and kicked the briefcase out of the false facer hands and grabbed it, but while doing it the false facers pushed him into the water and left him to drown.

Nightwing uses a magnesium flare in one of his gloves to burn the refrigerator's handle and free himself. The False Facers inform Black Mask of their failure and he tells them that he wants to be the top mob boss in Blüdhaven. Meanwhile Nightwing reaches for the nearest police department to give the Minh's eggs and talk to the police about Black Mask and his men; but when he arrives at the police station, chief Redhorn arrests him and Inspector Soames points his gun at Nightwing.

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  • Madame Minh (First appearance)
  • Tandy (Single appearance)






  • This issue marks the trimming of Dick Grayson's ponytail. He featured long hair for quite a long time but since this issue he has never let it grow back to that length.
  • There are references to In vitro fertilisation.

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