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""The Great Leap, Conclusion"": After several hours of non-stop action; Nightwing returns to the Cloisters and takes a quick shower and a change of clothes, preparing himself to go out again. As he makes some research on his computer, he is interrupted by [[Ba

Quote1.png Life's a carnival, Barbara, believe it or not. Quote2.png

Nightwing (Volume 2) #150 is an issue of the series Nightwing (Volume 2) with a cover date of January, 2009. It was published on November 5, 2008.

Synopsis for "The Great Leap, Conclusion"

After several hours of non-stop action; Nightwing returns to the Cloisters and takes a quick shower and a change of clothes, preparing himself to go out again. As he makes some research on his computer, he is interrupted by Barbara Gordon, who managed to hack into his system and bypass his security measures. Nightwing lets her inside and asks her what is she doing in New York City and she replies that after talking to Alfred, he told her about Nightwing's current situation and she decided to check if he was fine. At Nightwing's headquarters, Barbara starts fixing and improving Nightwing's security system while he tells her about the recent events concerning Two-Face. She notices that he started talking like Bruce does when he is Batman and she confesses that after the last events with Batman, she is worried that they have to face hard challenges, but Nightwing tells her that he needs to go and start looking for Two-Face. On his way out, Barbarbara asks Nightwing about his new security password and he tells her to type "Big Top" as he considers that life is a carnival.

Meanwhile at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Two-Face and Harvey Dent are having a heated discussion over Carol Bermingham's grave-site. Harvey is mourning the loss of a past romantic interest while Two-Face tells him to get over it. They argue until both personalities snap and they start shooting all the tombstones near them with special bullets made of acid. A few moment later, Nightwing arrives at the scene and finds the chaos created by Two-Face. Knowing that the police won't do much, Nightwing takes a sample of the melted tombstones and goes back to the Cloisters to analyze it.

The analysis will take five hours and Deborah Poulos calls Dick to remind him of their dinner appointment over half an hour earlier. Nightwing hurries to reach the place and he manages to get there in time. After dinner, Dick and Deborah go out for a walk on the city. At that same moment, some thugs at the top of the Empire State Building have stolen a bag of coins and are tossing them down to the street, damaging people and buildings alike. The thugs also threw thousands of notes addressed to Nightwing with the same threat from Two-Face. Dick takes Deborah out of danger and puts her inside a cab while he tells her that he needs to make sure that the museum is fine and he runs away. Nightwing retrieves one of the bags of money and goes to the bank where the bag came from. He opens the vault and saves the people inside.

Meanwhile, Two-Face is located at the Queens Museum of Art, standing over a miniature replica of Manhattan and he is trying to decide whether to drop the acid or not. To make up his mind, he tosses his coin, the scarred side comes up and he pours some acid, destroying half of the miniature model. Two-Face approaches his henchmen and his hostage to thank him for providing him with such a lethal acid and then he shoots him in the face, killing the man. Two-Face then gives his henchmen some money to hire people for the next step of his plan.

In the meantime, Nightwing starts looking for Two-Face among the low-lifes of New York, but despite his best efforts, he is unable to get an answer from any of them.

Some time later, Two-Face's henchmen have found several people and Two-Face is questioning them all to know if they are of any use to him. However, Two-Face's standards are high and only a few of them get to be part of the plan while the others are killed.

At the Cloisters, Nightwing is trying to find an answer, but he knows that his efforts are futile. He is about to give up, when suddenly he notices a passing blimp outside his window. Taking a closer look, he realizes that there is a whole caravan of blimps going towards Manhattan and he deduces that it must be part of Two-Face's plan and without a second to waste, he uses his rope to climb to the blimp at the rear of the caravan. After breaking inside, Nightwing asks the thugs driving the vehicle about the cargo inside and they reveal that they are carrying tons of acid towards the city. Nightwing takes them out and forces the blimp to crash against a hill, causing an enormous explosion. This also alerted Two-Face of Nightwing's presence and he decided to hurry up the pace towards the city.

Nightwing comes up with an idea that might help him save the city and he takes a rope from one of the blimp tools and starts attaching the blimps to one another as he goes for the blimp on the lead. However, before he makes it, the NYPD have surrounded Two-Face's blimp and are ready to attack him. To get rid of them, Two-Face releases one of the blimps' acid on top of the city and the police decide to retreat to prevent more acid attacks. Nightwing keeps attaching the blimps until he reaches Two-Face's blimp. Nightwing breaks inside with an impressive acrobatic maneuver and he starts fighting Two-Face.

Nightwing and Two-Face fight for the control of the blimp and they start remembering their history as enemies. From the moment Two-Face tried to kill him when he was Robin several years ago until he asked Nightwing to save Carol Bermingham, just a few days ago. Harvey blames Nightwing for her death because he allowed Two-Face to win, but Nightwing replies that Harvey is responsible for that fault. After a long struggle, Nightwing manages to knock out Two-Face and take control of the blimp. He drives the blimp towards the river at New York Harbor, carrying all the other blimps with it. Nightwing makes the blimp collapse into the river, releasing the acid into the water, making it harmless as it dissolves in the water. All the other blimps collapse in the water as well, and Nightwing swims to the shore of Liberty Island, carrying the unconscious Two-Face with him. As he realizes that he saved the city, Nightwing greets the Statue of Liberty and decides to take a well deserved rest.

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  • This is the fourth and last part of the storyline Nightwing: The Great Leap and the last issue to be part of the Batman R.I.P. storyline.
  • This issue is reprinted in the Nightwing: The Great Leap collected edition.

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