"The Great Leap, Epilogue: ...And Into the Black": Nightwing goes to Northbranch, Minnesota and, posing as a pizza delivery boy, he knocks the door of a young woman who puts on a blond wig and arms herself before opening the door. However, after seeing Nightwi

Quote1.png Okay, Mom and Dad, your "Flying Grayson" is about to take the great leap. Or as they say it in french, Le Grand Saut. Down, down and away. I'd say I wish you could see me now, but I know you're watching me-- I can feel angels on my shoulders. And probably a bat, too. Quote2.png

Nightwing (Volume 2) #151 is an issue of the series Nightwing (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 2009.

Appearing in "The Great Leap, Epilogue: ...And Into the Black"

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  • Carol Bermingham


Synopsis for "The Great Leap, Epilogue: ...And Into the Black"

Nightwing goes to Northbranch, Minnesota and, posing as a pizza delivery boy, he knocks the door of a young woman who puts on a blond wig and arms herself before opening the door. However, after seeing Nightwing through the door's fish-eye, she lets him inside and it is revealed that she is Carol Bermingham. After her near death experience, Nightwing managed to save her and hid her under a witness protection program away from New York. Nightwing tells Carol how her fake funeral convinced everyone of her death. They share some of the pizza and Carol is happy to learn that her attackers are all behind bars. Nightwing then leaves with the intention of paying them a visit.

At Arkham Asylum, Nightwing talks to Two-Face and tries to make him feel remorse for his actions, but instead, Two-Face is glad that he is always going to be part of Nightwing's past, present and future. Nightwing leaves the place and tells the guards to keep a close eye on him.

Some time later, Dick is back in New York and he learns that Deborah Poulos was mildly injured after the acid attack from some days ago. Dick tells her that he would pay for the best treatment he can afford and she is grateful with him. However, Deborah informs Dick that she has decided to move from New York back to California, because she doesn't feel safe enough to stay in New York. She tells Dick to come with her, but he replies that he has too many responsibilities and that he can't just leave. With a last kiss, they end their relation and each go their own way.

A few days later, Nightwing meets with Superman and Green Lantern at the Valhalla Cemetery, where they are supervising the removal of all the coffins of the past heroes. Together, they travel to Washington, D.C. to the Hall of Justice, where they place all the coffins as a security measure to prevent supernatural forces to use the bodies of the fallen heroes for evil purposes.

A couple of days later at the Sonoran desert, Alfred and Tim wait on a jeep for Dick, who has ascended to the stratosphere and is about to jump down to earth. Dick is about to jump off and as he gets ready to perform the great leap, he thinks of his parents and of Bruce. Dick dives down to earth and soon, he breaks the sound barrier. For a split second, Dick's breathing becomes difficult and he faints for a few moments. When he recovers, he is able to control his fall again and a few moments later, he is back on earth. Alfred is worried about Dick, but Tim reassures him as they both see Dick approaching towards them, walking. The three of them get on their way home and Alfred is sorry that nobody was present to acknowledge Dick's feat, as he had just break several world records in free fall. However, Dick tells him that he didn't do it for the recognition.

Back in Wayne Manor, Alfred, Dick and Tim prepare milkshakes and pop-corn and they all go to the living room, where they watch "The Magnificent Seven". As they sit down to watch the movie, they leave Bruce's chair empty, feeling his absence.


  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback Nightwing: The Great Leap.


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