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"The Belly of the Beast": Lock-Up has been running Blackgate Penitentiary since the beginning of No Man's Land and in the meantime he has allied with KGBeast and the Trigger Twins to control all of t

Quote1.png Take back Blackgate. Contact me when it's done. Quote2.png

Nightwing (Volume 2) #35 is an issue of the series Nightwing (Volume 2) with a cover date of September, 1999.

Synopsis for "The Belly of the Beast"

Lock-Up has been running Blackgate Penitentiary since the beginning of No Man's Land and in the meantime he has allied with KGBeast and the Trigger Twins to control all of the inmates in Blackgate.

Over the course of NML, the prison has been filling up with criminals and Batman fears that they might realize the combined power all of them can be. Batman asked Nightwing to take control of Blackgate. Nightwing complains at first but after listening to Bruce's reasoning, he accepts the challenge. Batman goes on to take care of other important matters and Nightwing contacts Oracle to get some info before going in. Oracle informs Nightwing that there is a man inside Blackgate named Clyde Greenlaw that has similar physical appearance to him. Nightwing plans to disguise himself as Greenlaw and infiltrate in Blackgate. Greenlaw is a janitor working for Lock-Up in Blackgate.

Lock-Up arrives at Blackgate with a couple more criminals to put them in jail. As KGBeast is taking them to their cells, Nightwing arrives at Blackgate using a scuba gear. Nightwing climbs one the prison's walls and enters it through an opened crack.

Meanwhile in Bludhaven, Chief Redhorn and the police department have captured Nite-Wing and are questioning him. Somehow, Redhorn seems to sympathize with Nite-Wing's motives.

Back in Blackgate, Nightwing is inside the prison and finds that most of it is empty and destroyed. He searches for people until he finds Greenlaw. Nightwing tells Greenlaw that he is taking his place but Greenlaw doesn't like the idea of going to Gotham. Greenlaw starts screaming and runs away from Nightwing. The noise alerts the Trigger Twins of Nightwing's presence and they start shooting at him. Nightwing manages to escape them but he comes across KGBeast. Nightwing does his best to avoid the three of them but after a while they corner him. Nightwing uses his acrobat skills and takes the three of them down. He is contemplating his fallen adversaries when he receives an electric shock from behind. The charge is so powerful that it knocks him out immediately. Lock-Up was alerted by Greenlaw and now he is considering what to do with Nightwing.

Appearing in "The Belly of the Beast"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Clyde Greenlaw (First appearance)






  • Clyde Greenlaw has the Superman S symbol tattooed on his right shoulder.
  • KGBeast makes a reference to the Gulag; a infamous administration of the Soviet Union.

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