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"Escape from Blackgate": Garfield Lynns and The Dynamiteer are arguing about the best way to use the gunpowder to blow up a wall. Nightwing works with the other inmates and they prepare a few charges of g

Quote1.png As of now, Blackgate Prison is back under the control of the Batman. Quote2.png
Mackenzie Bock

Nightwing (Volume 2) #37 is an issue of the series Nightwing (Volume 2) with a cover date of November, 1999.

Synopsis for "Escape from Blackgate"

Garfield Lynns and The Dynamiteer are arguing about the best way to use the gunpowder to blow up a wall. Nightwing works with the other inmates and they prepare a few charges of gunpowder to make their way out. Firefly and Dynamiteer start to fight each other and Nightwing is considering his options after blowing the wall.

Lock-Up is determined to kill all the inmates and he decides to do so by drowning them. With the help of KGBeast, Lock-Up opens a valve to let the sea water inside Blackgate Penitentiary's cellar.

The explosive charges are ready and Nightwing plans to use them later but as the water begins entering the room, he decides that they must blew up the wall that moment. Nightwing sets the explosives in the wall and all of the inmates are ready for the explosion but nothing happens. A few seconds later, the gunpowder explodes and the wall comes crashing down. Nightwing and the others move to the open hole and Lock-Up notices their escape. Nightwing moves faster than the others and before they can turn their attention to him, Nightwing starts to climb up a pit using some hanging chains. The rest of the inmates try to follow him but he drops Monsoon on top of them all. Lynns is climbing as well and threatening Nightwing, who is climbing up faster until the KGBeast attacks him from above. The Beast has descended from the same hanging chains and is ready to kill Nightwing. Grayson uses his acrobatic skills to knock down the KGBeast and Lynns at the same time. Once he is outside of the pit, Nightwing is attacked by the Trigger Twins. Nightwing dodges their attacks and manages to escape their shooting range. Lock-Up appears and asks them about Nightwing. Without alarming them, Nightwing drops a wall of boxes full of supplies on the three of them and blocks the way out of the pit. All the villains are knocked down and incapacitated, but the feat costs Nightwing much effort and he is feeling sick, tired and wasted after all he's been through.

Nightwing calls the Gotham City Police Department and Mackenzie Bock moves to Blackgate with some reinforcements in order to take control of the prison and all the inmates. Bock reclaims Blackgate as part of Batman's territory.

In Gotham; Oracle is working on her computer when she hears some weird noises coming from out of her main window. She arms herself and goes to see what it is. When she arrives, she sees Nightwing with his suit completely destroyed, soaking wet and clinging to the window. With his last breath, he tells Barbara that he found a blind spot in her security net and that she must fix it; then Nightwing collapses from exhaustion in Barbara's arms.

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  • While on her computer, Barbara is angry at her operating system. She calls it Curtains '98. This is a reference to Windows 98.
  • Next to her computer, Barbara has a Batgirl doll that resembles her at the time when she was Batgirl.

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