"Face to Face": Dick Grayson woke up from a dream in which he was diving in the air along with Barbara Gordon wearing her Batgirl suit. When he woke up, he realized he was in Barbara's bedroom. She had tended his wounds after his [[N

Quote1 For a long time I felt I had to cope with losing the use of my legs. I had to learn to get over it. And I beat myself up for the longest time. I couldn't "get over it!" I missed walking and running and turning on the bathtub faucet with my toes. It wasn't until I realized that I'd always miss my legs. It wasn't until I realized I'd never not miss them. That's when I could get on with my life. But I had to leave a lot behind. Dancing. Skating. Feeling carpet on bare feet. -- And you. Quote2
Barbara Gordon

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Dick Grayson woke up from a dream in which he was diving in the air along with Barbara Gordon wearing her Batgirl suit. When he woke up, he realized he was in Barbara's bedroom. She had tended his wounds after his battle in Blackgate Penitentiary and when he was conscious, she kissed him in the forehead in order to check the fever. Then she told him that, if he was feeling better, she had prepared soup for him.

Outside of the Gotham Clock Tower; a group of armed men were considering their options of breaking and entering the tower in order to steal all the information from Oracle's files. Some of them went to the sewers underground the building, unaware of the set of traps placed by Oracle around the building. The couple that were in the sewers were sprayed with regirgitant gas and when they tried to cut off the power of the building, they received and electro-shock that incapacitated them.

Some of Barbara's monitors showed alarms in different zones but she disregarded them as she was confident that her traps would work fine and that she would start worrying when the alarm of zone 12 was activated. Barbara and Dick were having lunch on Barbara's kitchen and Dick mentioned that he could get used to that situation, implying that he likes being with her. Barbara left the room as fast as she could and went to work on her computers. Dick tried to talk about their situation and Barbara tried to avoid the subject. Dick convinced her that they needed to talk about them. Barbara told Dick about her situation and her feelings since she lost the mobility of her legs. She told him that in order to move on, she had to let go of things that made her happy like walking, skating, feeling with her legs and ultimately, she had to let go of Dick. He told her that it doesn't matter to him as she started crying. Dick asked her what could he do and Barbara told him to give her some time. Dick agreed and told her that he missed her and Barbara told him that he was also missing a shave; while the alarm in zone 6 was triggered.

The armed group was still trying to get inside but they weren't successful. Their leader told them that they were going to attack from two sides: they would go and attack the front door while a secret contact of their leader would strike the roof.

Meanwhile, Barbara was shaving Dick and after she was done, she touched his face and told him that he was fine. Dick told her that he wanted to be checked in the way she checked his fever. Barbara kissed him on the cheek and told him that he passed the test. However, they were overwhelmed by their feelings and they kissed in a loving way. Dick reached for Barbara and held her in his arms while they kept kissing and embracing each other, more passionate with every passing second.

Barbara and Dick were interrupted when the alarm in zone 12 was activated and the men in the front door caused a big explosion. Dick took his domino mask and grabbed his escrima sticks to go and check out what was happening. Barbara told him that they were attacked from the front door but that zone 12 was the roof. Dick wasn't sure what to do and before he could decide, the armed men broke inside the main room. The leader of the men revealed himself as Pettit. Nightwing knocked two of Pettit's men and then told the former police officer that he steeped over the line that time. Nightwing was very angry and told Pettit that he would better call for reinforcements and someone behind Barbara and Nightwing replied that he already did. It was Huntress, who entered the building by the roof.



  • This issue delves in the complex relation between Barbara Gordon and Richard Grayson, and ultimately states that they both have strong feelings for each other; as illustrated in page 19.
  • There is a reference to NORAD; the North American Aerospace Defense Command.
  • As usual in this period of time, there is a doll in Barbara's desk. This time it is a Batgirl doll that resembles her in her days in the role.

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