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"The Long Week": In the aftermath of the Joker's full-scale attack on those closest to him, Nightwing watches footage of Haly's Circus and Amusement Mile burning, and thinks that he could have saved them all, if only he had some s

Quote1.png You know, when I saw the news report that the circus was still alive... I didn't believe it. It didn't make any sense. Why would he let them live? Is it selfish to think it could have been for this? So in case I made it out alive... I could see them leave me? Quote2.png
Dick Grayson

Nightwing (Volume 3) #17 is an issue of the series Nightwing (Volume 3) with a cover date of April, 2013.

Synopsis for "The Long Week"

In the aftermath of the Joker's full-scale attack on those closest to him, Nightwing watches footage of Haly's Circus and Amusement Mile burning, and thinks that he could have saved them all, if only he had some something differently. Alfred Pennyworth reminds him that he did all he could. The Joker thought he could hurt them by attacking their greatest weaknesses - but Alfred reminds, these were only what he thought were their greatest weaknesses. Even so, Dick can't help but think that the Joker had hit him exactly where it hurt most. Regardless, he brushes off his old friend's attempts to comfort him, sure that he will be okay.

Later, Nightwing travels to the Kline Industries warehouse, where Raya Vestri's body still lies. Picking her up and carrying her outside, he encounteres Commissioner Gordon and asks him to put a rush on the forensics, explaining that her funeral will be later that week. Again, the Commissioner offers to listen if he needs to talk, but Nightwing remains firm that he will be fine.

The next day, Dick discovers that most of the Haly's Circus folk did, in fact, survive, and were not killed by the Joker, as he had claimed. Still, they are all in the hospital, recovering from the Joker Gas that affected them. Bitterly, Marc, one of the performers, explains that after the funerals for Jimmy and Raya, they're all leaving. They are done working for him. Though Dick is hurt, little Christine Sorrano promises him that they all know - even Marc - that it wasn't his fault.

The next day, Dick and Lucius Fox watch as Amusement Mile is further destroyed by flames caused by back-draft. In all likelihood, Amusement Mile will burn until there is nothing left - which is all that remains of Dick's fortune. The insurance will cover his bank loan, but his own money is lost along with the circus folk. Fortunately, Sonia Branch has agreed to cover the cost of the funerals.

At the funeral, two days later, Dick remains behind at the two fresh graves while the circus folk depart sadly. He is interrupted by Sonia, who offers her support, despite all she has already done for him. She tries to talk about the awkward moment they had the other night, when he had left because he couldn't separate her from her father's actions mentally. Realizing her mistake, she takes her leave, once again, offering her help. Barbara Gordon appears, confused that Dick would associate with the daughter of the man who killed his parents. She muses that it was always him who could move on instead of dwelling. Turning away, Dick watches Christine and her parents leaving, and wonders if the Joker had been right, if he had planned to leave the circus folk alive with the knowledge that if Dick made it out alive, he would live to see his loved ones leave him. Even so, he assures Barbara that he is okay.

Within two days, Nightwing catches three men trying to plunder the remains of Amusement Mile, and beats them savagely, filled with loss and rage. It is only through the intervention of Robin that he is prevented from going too far. Robin explains that he has been following and watching Dick all week, and he is not okay. Caught, Dick explains that he is perceived as the one who doesn't dwell; the one who moves on. If he's not that, then he must be just what the Joker said he was. Robin admits that Dick was let down by people he had leaned on, but that giving up on trust wouldn't be true to who he really is. Meanwhile, it takes a certain kind of madman to trust the word of a real madman.

Elsewhere, the mercenaries return to their master, a man called The Dealer, who collects items involved in recent catastrophes, and sells them to collectors. One of the men produces one of the Flying Graysons' costumes, defiled with vandalism by the Joker, and offers it to his master.

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  • Raya Vestri (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Marc
  • Christina Sorrano




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