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"From The Darkness": The city of Bludhaven

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The Joker

Nightwing (Volume 4) #70 is an issue of the series Nightwing (Volume 4) with a cover date of May, 2020. It was published on March 18, 2020.

Synopsis for "From The Darkness"

The city of Bludhaven

Ric Grayson is trying to understand who he truly is: after the hitman KG Beast shot him, he was brought to the cures of Dr. Haas, who in truth worked for the Court of Owls. The nephew of William Cobb, one of the Court's own Talons, Grayson was always meant by the League to become their new age assassin: that's why Isabella Haas manipulated his memory, creating in him a false life where he was raised by Cobb and was a loyal member of the Court. Right now though, his memory resurfaced, bringing back another life that, logically, feels better suited to him: a life of a hero, raised by Bruce Wayne, the Batman. But the two personalities collapse with each other, both living in Richard's head and both fighting to be the one he believes could be true.

In the hospital, Bludhaven Police Department agent Colleen Edwards and firefighter Malcolm Hutch are looking over Zak Edwards, brother to Colleen and also agent of the BPD. Together with Alphonse Sapienza, they formed a team of Nightwings to protect the city after the original Nightwing disappeared. But the woman is tired of it: she's scared that they are not prepared enough to face threats like the Talons, and she supports her claim by the fact that they almost all died because of them, with Zak still heavily damaged, even if not in danger of dying anymore. Malcolm also explains them that the second Talon they faced was the cab driver that helped them in the past, brainwashed by the Court into an assassin. Luckily, he recovered and kicked the butt of the first Talon, saving them from the Court's wrath. As they keep discussing, Malcolm tells them he's sure that Al is out there, searching for the first Talon throughout the city.

They cannot know that Alphonse, while searching for Cobb, was instead found by the clown prince of crime. The Joker took him by surprise, starting to torture him as he wants to know where the original Nightwing is. At the same time, Ric is patrolling the streets while heading to the bar owned by Bea Bennett, a girl he knows he can trust, given that he met her only in the period after he recovered from the shot to his head: all the memories he has with her are true. After breaking a drug deal in the street, Ric keeps on to his destination, without knowing that the Joker is closer and closer to him.

With a strong headache caused by his memory problems, Ric gets to Bea's place and she helps him with the pain, also asking him if he found out where Dr. Haas is. Ric tells her the doctor is dead, killed by the Court before Grayson could find a way to force her into fixing his memory. He only retrieved the crystal she used to manipulate his past, hoping he might find a way to use it again. Ric leaves the crystal upstairs, and goes down with Bea to take something for the pain, also answering to her suggestion of calling Barbara to help, telling he cannot trust that girl until he's sure of who he truly is. The Joker then comes inside from the window, and steals the crystal: it will be a nice addition to his new plan, a fun thing to play with and that will mess Batman up even more.

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