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"Who is Dick Grayson?": Monday. Bludhaven. Inside Dick Grayson's Hotel Room

Quote1.png I'm no therapist, but it seems to me that real happiness... doesn't happen without being true to yourself. Quote2.png

Nightwing (Volume 4) #75 is an issue of the series Nightwing (Volume 4) with a cover date of December, 2020. It was published on October 20, 2020.

Synopsis for "Who is Dick Grayson?"

Monday. Bludhaven. Inside Dick Grayson's Hotel Room

Dick is back, having all his memories restored and now remembering everything his life was, from the death of his parents, to becoming Robin and then Nightwing. The thing is, as soon as he regained his self-consciousness, everyone was expecting him to be the best version of himself, especially two old friends coming to visit him: Donna Troy and Garth, his former Teen Titans teammates. Garth especially tells Dick those times were the best of his life, and that he would give anything to have them back. As they both propose Dick to dress up as Nightwing and make a surprise to the new Teen Titans, Dick has other ideas. He explains to them he's not sure if Nightwing will come back or not: all that happened to him made him think, and he wants to be something different from now on. He needs time to figure out what that means to him.

Tuesday. A bar in Moscow, Russia

Anatoli Knyazev, also known as world-famous hitman KG Beast, is drinking alone in a bar in Moscow. His recent failures trouble him: first missing the Nightwing kill, then getting defeated by the Teen Titans, who also took one of his arms. Of course, rumors spread around and soon several men get to him, starting to insult him and mock him. He doesn't like to be mocked, and kills them all. Their wives will remember the name of Anatoli Knyazev, but more than that, the name of KG Beast.

Wednesday. The roofs of Gotham City

Dick is patrolling the streets together with Barbara, as they need to beat up some of the Joker accolades. While going on with the hunt, Batgirl confronts Dick on the fact he's not sure he wants to embrace the Nightwing mantle anymore. He tells her that while he did not remember his past, he was living an happy life, but in Batgirl's opinion you can't be truly happy if you're not yourself during the experience. Still, Dick assures her that he will always be there to fight criminals like the Joker, he's just not sure he will be doing it as Nightwing.

Thursday. Two hundred miles northwest of Gotham City

KG Beast is approaching Gotham once again, to heal his pride. Undetected, he decides to shoot a couple of elders who were just driving on the road, to see if his aim is all right. It absolutely is. He's ready to get back is reputation.

Friday. Still on the roofs of Gotham

This time, Dick is doing some cleaning with Batman at his side. They end up talking, of course, about his refusal to wear the Nightwing suit. Bruce thinks he will not be whole again until he decides to embrace his Nightwing identity back. As they argue, Bruce leads him to the arena where the Joker made him fight Barbara during the War: there, a Nightwing suit is attached to the fences. Of course Bruce wanted him to see it. Dick tells Bruce that in this last few days he thought a lot about Alfred, and the way they met for the last time: with Pennyworth reaching for him in Bludhaven, and Dick telling him to get the hell away, as he didn't even remember who Alfred was. He's in pain for that. But still, Alfred always wanted for Bruce a life of happiness, to be able to do his work as a hero while living with a family.

Alfred also knew that Bruce would never reach that life for the kind of person he is. But he also believed Dick could, because he's different. And Dick still thinks that's true: he can have a happy life. Bruce does not agree: there's not a normal kind of family life for heros, no matter who they are. But he understands the point: Nightwing is afraid that embracing Nightwing again will make him lose Bea Bennett, the girl he loves. But maybe, Dick found in the memories about Alfred the strength to be Nightwing and stay with Bea at the same time.

Saturday. Bludhaven

As Malcolm Hutch, one of the Nightwings, is stopping a robbery, Dick Grayson, the one true Nightwing, steps in and helps him out. Hutch is in shock to see the real deal fighting with him, and tells him he will have to introduce him to the team, and so he does. Once he met them, Dick tells them that they must step away from the vigilante life: it's too dangerous, and Bludhaven needs more great police agents and firefighters than costumed vigilantes. Let him handle the really dangerous things, while they can do their job, which for the people is far more important. Alphonse convinces everyone to accept, especially after living through a face to face meeting with the Joker. One thing is being dealt with, now on with the other: getting back to Bea.

Dick enters The Prodigal and meets Bea: she was expecting him. She tells him that seeing him among godlike figueres like Batman and the Joker scared him, and made her think he was not her Ric anymore, but another person. Someone too far for her to reach. But Dick assures her he's committed to her: he's still the same man she knew, and he loves her. But then, glass shatters and KG Beast enters the place: he takes Bea hostage, and tells Dick he's come to kill him fore sure this time.

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