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Nik Mayak was Nightblade, one of several New Bloods who gained powers when they were attacked by Parasites.


Nik Mayak was a normal young Chinese American man who was horribly injured in an accident. With his legs useless, he was confined to a hospital bed. However, at the advice of his uncle, he began training his upper body to not be totally helpless, and practiced knife-throwing.

One day, the hospital was attacked by the parasite Lissik. She killed and fed upon everyone in the hospital, but Nik survived. When he was found by doctors, it was discovered he had regained use of his legs.

Returning home, he found his family brutally slaughtered. To avenge them, he donned a costume and became Nightblade. Together with Coast City's protector, Hal Jordan, he drove the parasites out of the city.[1] He later teamed up with the other heroes and "New Bloods" to defeated the other parasites that had come to Earth.

Blood Pack

Nightblade joined a group of New Bloods called the Blood Pack. They fought and defeated the Quorum, but disbanded shortly after.

Infinite Crisis

Nightblade continued his superhero activities after the Blood Pack broke up, and was called upon by Oracle to help all the other superheroes to defend Metropolis from the Society. Nik and the Blood Pack fought against Solomon Grundy; however, Superboy-Prime killed them all with his heat vision.[2]






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