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Nikki its the daughter of the fallen angel, Araquel, and a chaldean temple dancer, Khara. She has enourmous magical powers but lack of the experience needed to use them properly, so its up to her parents to guide her in the correct uses of them.

As her parents took the mission of taking care of Tim Hunter, she went along and help in everything she could. She wakened Tim's Dad from his coma, and stopped Sir Timothy Hunter from damaging the future. For all this, the demon Barbatos kidnapped her and her mother and use them as leverage to stop Araquel from meddling in his bussiness. Sir Timothy Hunter freed the women and they were free to reunite with Araquel.[1]

Since Araquel keeps them in the way of danger, he left the common home in the sky so neither, Khara nor Nikki, could suffer again from Tim Hunter's enemies. Since then, she lives alone with her mother and left the walking world and Tim Hunter to their problems.[2]