Nikola is the second person to possess the Void entity. The first was Adrianna Tereshkova.

Captain Atom: Armageddon

When Captain Atom was displaced into the Wildstorm Universe due to destroying a kryptonite asteroid from destroying his Earth, Void has bound itself to a new host, a paramedic named Nikola Hanssen, while another part of it has bound itself to Captain Atom. Knowing what it feels like to be weak and scared in the Wildstorm Universe, Nikola willingly claimed her full powers from Captain Atom, with whom she shared a bond of love and trust, and used it to destroy and recreate a new Wildstorm Universe, known as the WorldStorm, as the Captain's universe was recreated in the same moment during the Infinite Crisis. Due to the quantum jumping powers of Captain Atom, Nikola was able to see him in her new Universe, but could not explain to him the creation of a new Universe. Apparently, Nikola Hanssen was the only one in the whole Wildstorm Universe to remember the reboot.

Wildstorm: Armageddon

In the future where a great catastrophe has hit the Earth the Void was kidnapped by an unknown individual. Even in her weakened state, Void is able to project herself back in time to the Wildstorm heroes: Midnighter, Maximum Man, Dane, Caitlin Fairchild, John Doran, and Nemesis. Her hope is that one of them can prevent this future from happening.

However, it is later revealed that Nikola has been under the control of Tao.

World's End

Tao took Void captive and used her power to take control of some of the most powerful heroes on the planet such as Majestic and Jackson King. He used this influence to help bring Armageddon to pass, all the while preparing himself and his forces for it.[1] Void was then used to fight and capture Providence all for Tao's plan in obtaining the combine powers of the Void, Providence, and Max Faraday.

Nikola and Providence were contained in Tao's base of operations in Salt Lake City, Utah, until the Wildcats and Team 7 invaded to stop Tao. Though the two team were entirely weak against Tao's powers, Nikola empowers Spartan as he before possess the Void's powers, to battle Tao. However, Tao soon has the advantage over Spartan after absorbing Providence's powers. As Tao towers over Spartan, Nikola recharges Providence's powers and allows her to personally battle Tao and leaving Nikola, the Wildcats and Team 7 to escape.


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Adrianna Tereshkova

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