Nikolas Stofka was a Markovian youth. He bumped into Windfall as he returned from hunting a bear that had been terrorizing his village. He took her to his home and the pair ate dinner with Nikolas' mother who revealed that her husband and older son had been killed fighting Baron Bedlam and his mercenaries, the Masters of Disaster. Windfall decided to make up for her transgressions as a mercenary by finding the bear that was attacking the village. Instead, she was the one caught by the hunters. She was tied to a stake and was to be executed for her crimes until the bear interrupted their plans. The hunters fled, leaving Wendy to the creature. Nikolas distracted the bear long enough for Wendy to escape and use her powers to kill it. Nikolas told her to leave, saying he didn't know he could trust himself to help her again should the hunters return and find her.[1]



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