Niles Cable was the leader of the X-Patrol.

Niles Cable is a cybernetically enhanced metamutant from an apocalyptic future. He travels back in time to gather a group of metamutants, which are dubbed the X-Patrol, to prevent his bleak future from happening.

Niles Cable was deceived by Terra-X's betrayal, and when the crisis had past, decided to recruit Jericho into the ranks. He holds feelings for Elasti-Girl, who he is dating, and led the X-Patrol into their first battle, the siege of Latkovia against Doctor Doomsday. However, at the end of the mission, he was left paraplegic. In a flashback, Niles Cable states that he had previously fought Brother Brood.

When in Zenosha with Shatterstarfire he helped her to escape rather than be captured by Brother Brood, when he was saved by Trijenskot. Along with the X-Patrol, they were able to bring down Brother Brood, but Niles was infected with a nano-virus that nearly killed him, but he was resurrected by Trijenskot.





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