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The Chief (real name Niles Caulder) was a driven and remorseful scientist dedicated to protecting the world from his powerful daughter Dorothy by outliving her. In his experiments in immortality, he created the Doom Patrol.

Early Life

During his childhood, Niles was a poor boy who was dedicated to stealing. In one night, Niles watched as a woman was killed by Red Jack, an interdimensional killer who was energized by pain. Given his encounter with Jack, Niles founded the Bureau of Oddities to investigate the strange things that happen in the world.[1][2]

Slava and Dorothy

During an expedition, Niles and his partner, Alistair, a bureau agent, traveled to Yukon to find a mysterious beast, but Niles was left alone when Alistair was attacked by wolves. Niles was kidnapped by Slava, a caveman with mystical powers, which Niles was afraid of because he murdered many people, but Niles convinced her to give a dignified funeral to the deceased.

Niles Caulder Doom Patrol TV Series 004

A beautiful love story

Eventually, Niles was cared for by Slava for several days until they both began to fall in love. A few years later, Niles discovered that Alistair was still alive, but to protect Slava, Niles murdered his old friend. He was found by his fellow bureau members and had to lie about his time with Slava, for which he turned the Bureau into the Bureau of Normalcy. A few decades later, Niles befriended Danny the Street, a non-binary street. In their search for oddities, the Bureau captured several powerful metahumans, including Doctor Janus, an emotional vampire, of whom Niles made a document about her along with other metahumans.[2][3][4]

Niles Caulder Doom Patrol TV Series 003

Duty as a parent

During his investigations, Niles discovered that Slava had a daughter, Dorothy Spinner, a girl who possessed the same powers as her mother, so Niles infiltrated a circus in 1927 to find Dorothy and was happy to see her again. Slava's creature, but it all went wrong when Candlemaker, a creature capable of destroying the world, manifested for Dorothy to murder the circus participants. After the attack, Niles met Dorothy and revealed that he was her father.

To keep the world safe, Niles left Dorothy to live in Danny. Niles would visit Dorothy regularly and bring her things from his travels while they saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Niles kept trying to stop Dorothy from making a wish to free Candlemaker, even though Danny wanted to set the girl free.[5][6][7][8]

The Longevity Talisman

Eric Morden Doom Patrol TV Series 005

Niles stops Von Fuchs

Realizing that he could not take care of Dorothy forever, Niles began to make a search to live one day longer than her, receiving the support of the official with artistic powers, Wally Sage, who helped him in his search for an immortality necklace.. His search led him to Paraguay, where he interrupted the experiment of Heinrich Von Fuchs, a Nazi scientist. Niles left Von Fuchs for dead while taking the Longevity Talisman, a talisman that gives eternal life, which was made from a part of the immortal deity, Immortus, from the hands of Eric Morden, a volunteer for the Von Fuchs experiments.

When escaping with the talisman, Niles did not know that Von Fuchs survived and that Morden became a terrible villain, Mister Nobody. Niles realized that the talisman would not give him much immortality, so he began experimenting with people for a way to have eternal immortality, starting the Immortus Project.[5][9][10][11][12][10]

The Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol (TV Series) Episode Doom Patrol Patrol

The Doom Patrol

Niles realized that the world was dangerous and full of threats, so he recruited a trio of metahumans, Steven Dayton, Arani Desai, and Rhea Jones, so that together they could become the Doom Patrol, a team of superheroes. Over time, the Doom Patrol clashed several times against the Brotherhood of Evil, a group of supervillains led by Brain, a brain in a metal body, who became his nemesis. To further his experiments, Niles used toxic fumes to make Rita Farr, a famous actress, gain powers of elasticity. Because Rita felt rejected, Niles saved her to live in his manor. Niles took Rita to meet Steven, so they could both start a relationship.[13][14]

In 1957, the Doom Patrol managed to beat the Brotherhood of Evil, but Brain escaped. The following year, Niles was confronted by Morden, who returned for revenge, so Niles and the Doom Patrol went to stop him, as he began to wreak havoc, but the Doom Patrol was defeated by his past, so Niles decided to leave. to his team and left Joshua Clay, a metahuman who does not use his powers, to take care of the defeated Doom Patrol. At one point, Niles fired the bureau's treacherous agent, Laura De Mille.[13][15][16]

Search for Immortality

As the next step to his immortality, Niles sent the Pioneers of the Uncharted, a group of cosmonauts, to send them into space to find a negative being, but they could not return, so he looked for another way. Niles argued with Joshua about continuing to do his experiments, despite Clay trying to convince him to give up his search.[17][10]

Niles Caulder Doom Patrol TV Series 005

The experiment continues

Niles convinced the air force to send Larry Trainor, one of the best pilots, into space to get the negative spirit with success, but he ended up with his body burned, so Niles released him from the Ant Farm to take him to his home. home to live with Rita. Niles offered Larry special bandages to cover his radiation. Sometime later, Niles became friends with Silas Stone, a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs.[18][10][19][1][20]

Niles Caulder Doom Patrol TV Series 006

Niles rescues Kay

Niles lived happily in the manor together with Larry and Rita. While celebrating the New Year, Niles was visited by Charles Forsythe, a bureau scientist, who told him that they found Kay Challis, a girl with multiple personalities, who was one of Niles' targets. When Kay was taken from the asylum, Niles had compassion for Kay, who was being controlled by Doctor Harrison, a therapeutic personality. Niles managed to gain Kay's trust and took her to the manor. Niles regularly interviewed his patients so they would learn to overcome their past.[10][21]

Niles Caulder Doom Patrol TV Series 007

The last test subject

As the next test subject, Niles attempted to cause an accident on the race track, where Cliff Steele, a racing driver, to transplant his brain into a robot body, but Cliff had an accident with his wife, Kate, and their daughter, Clara. Clara was the only one to survive, but Niles managed to get Cliff's brain in good condition, but he felt bad about what happened. Niles was feeling bad and asked an old friend, Elinore Stone, Silas' wife, for help. Niles told her everything that happened and Elinore agreed to help her and Niles promised that Cliff is her last test subject. Together they managed to create a robotic body for Cliff.[10][18]

For months, Niles tried to help Cliff control his new way of being, but Cliff still couldn't believe what happened to him until Larry and Rita encouraged him to move on. To keep Cliff safe, Niles lied to him by telling him that his daughter was also killed in the accident. His efforts paid off, as Cliff learned to move and walk. Niles met Willoughby Kipling, a master of the mystical arts, with whom he befriended, to stop the Cult of the Unwritten Book, a cult that was dedicated to initiating the end of the worlds. Niles also met Baphomet, a head of hair psychic, who fell in love with him. At some point, Niles met the Sex Men, an organization charged with trapping sexual ghosts. A few years later, Niles left the bureau to live in peace in his manor.[18][22][21][8][2]

Niles Caulder Doom Patrol TV Series 008

A complicated choice

A few years later, Niles befriended Silas's son, Victor Stone, a young athlete. After a terrible accident left Elinore and Victor badly injured, Niles convinced Silas to use robotic parts on Vic to make him a vigilante, but Elinore could be saved. Niles and Silas had a terrible bond after transforming Vic into a cyborg. Niles continued to help Vic on his quest as a vigilante and he convinced him to try living in his manor with his other test subjects. In 2019, Niles was visited by Crazy Jane, the host of Kay's body. Niles explained to Cliff all about Jane and was happy to see Cliff and Jane become friends.[20][10][18]

Kidnapped by Mister Nobody

Niles Caulder Doom Patrol TV Series 009

"I assure you, there are many monsters in this world, and none of them, not a one, is you."

Later, Niles left his patients at the manor while he made his daily trips, but when he returned, Niles realized that the team made a mess in Cloverton and was more terrified to see a donkey, which was the mascot of his old enemy, Mister Nobody. Returning home, Niles scold the team as their enemies would come to town and attack, but Cliff had the instinct to be a hero to protect the town, but Niles convinced everyone to evacuate the house. During the trip, Niles was left alone on the bus, as Jane, Rita, and Larry joined Cliff to be superheroes, but Niles realized that Nobody returned and blew a hole in the city. Niles confronted Nobody, but he had a change of plans, so he kidnapped Niles and took him to White Space.[18][20][23]

A few days later, the Cult of the Unwritten Book released the Decreator, a being capable of destroying the world, so Niles convinced Nobody to join forces to end the Decreator, but first Nobody had to travel to the past to create the Recreator, the Decreator's rival, with the help of Doctor Harrison, while Niles would be in the present to find the Rewritten Book. Upon leaving White Space, Niles went to the manor to explain to Rita, Larry, Vic, and Kipling how they would find the rewritten book.

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Paw Patrol

Saving the world

Niles flirted with Baphomet to find out the location of the rewritten book. He had a conversation with Vic about how he could be saved from Nobody, but they were interrupted by Larry, who revealed that Jane and Cliff were in Nürnheim, the cult's lair. The team found a mysterious pug, which turned out to be the rewritten book, which Kipling used to summon the Recreator, and revive all the people who died to destroy the Decreator. Celebrating the victory, Niles said goodbye to his patients, as Nobody would take him away again, but without warning, Nobody kidnapped Caulder again.[21]

Niles Caulder Doom Patrol TV Series 010

"I don't care what you do tho them. I Will never give you the satisfaction of breaking me."

A few weeks later, Niles recalled his past with Slava, but was interrupted by Nobody, who demanded to know where Slava was, on the condition that he free him to return to his patients, but Niles tried to deny his location until Nobody threatened to harm him. His friends and Niles revealed his true nature by telling Nobody that he doesn't care what happens to his patients, something that made Nobody happy, leaving Niles frustrated.[2]

A few days later, Niles was found by Rita, Cliff, and Larry, but they were stopped by Nobody, who planned to fight them in a superhero battle until Doctor Harrison intervened. The team realized that Nobody was not going to change, so they thought about fighting him, but Victor somehow appeared and ended Nobody. Niles and the team managed to return to manor, but this was an illusion made by Nobody, who was still alive. After returning, Niles and the group agreed to be the new Doom Patrol.

Niles Caulder Doom Patrol TV Series 011

"I was responsible for everything that has happened to each of you."

Niles and the group went to stop Rog, a giant robot made by the Brotherhood of Evil, but because every time the Doom Patrol confronted Rog, the team was killed until Niles realized the loop and discovered that Nobody he was still alive. Niles and the group discovered that the Vic who saved them was Nobody, as the real one appeared. The team realized that they never left and the only way to get rid of Nobody was for Niles to reveal the truth. The team convinced Niles to tell the truth, so he revealed that he was responsible for everything that happened to them, something that made the whole team angry, who began to hate him. Niles and the team were returned to the manor by Nobody and he was left alone in the manor as they all left.[23][10]

Protecting Dorothy

Dorothy Spinner Doom Patrol TV Series 0003

Father and daughter reunion

Niles found out that Nobody had kidnapped Danny in a painting and locked him up with Dorothy, but realized that he could not save his daughter alone, so he gathered the team to reveal to them about Dorothy's existence and his reason for the search for his immortality. After convincing the team, Niles and the others entered the box, where they discovered that Nobody lost his power and that now Ezekiel the cockroach and Admiral Whiskers, a rat, became giants to destroy Danny. Niles and Jane managed to save Dorothy and reunited with the team to get out of the box on Ezekiel's stomach. After leaving, Niles introduced the team to Dorothy, but now they were all downsized.[10]

The team spent months waiting for Larry to find the cure to make them great, but found nothing. Seeing that Dorothy would be in danger if they continue in their current size, Niles contacted Kipling to give him his talisman, in exchange for returning them to their actual size. Niles informed the team about his untimely death and asked for their help in finding the continuinium, a temporary material that was capable of preventing death, so Rita, Jane, and Cliff confronted Doctor Tyme, a time-traveling lunatic. but they couldn't get the material.[24][5]

Niles Caulder Doom Patrol TV Series 012

Niles kills Red Jack

Niles started spending time with Dorothy while Cliff was still annoyed with him. He received an invitation from Red Jack to go to his dimension to save Larry, so Niles and Rita decided to accept and were taken by butterflies to Jack's lair. Niles talked to Red Jack about his addiction to people's pain and Jack knew everything that Niles did in his experiments, and he offered Niles to be his ward to cause pain to many people, but Niles refused, so Jack He began to torture him by making him go through the same torture that Cliff had to undergo. After freeing himself from the illusion, Niles confronted Jack and used the dagger that Jack gave him when they met to kill Jack. Niles, Rita, and Larry returned home, where they discovered that Dorothy accidentally broke up Danny. In his lab, Niles began to design a new body for Cliff and a plan to revive Danny.[1]

To get Danny to make a street again, the team contacted Flex Mentallo, a metahuman with flexibility powers, and the Dannyzens, Danny's people, to throw a fun party to cheer Danny up. Niles played the piano for Dorothy to sing to revive Danny, but soon after, Niles sent Dorothy to sleep as the party was for adults. Niles gave Cliff ecstasy so he could have fun. Niles met the Sex Men and together with the team they helped the organization face off against Shadowy Mister Evans, a sexual demon, who planned to bring about the end of the world, but Hammerhead, an aggressive personality of Jane, save the day. After the party, Niles found out that Danny would go on a new journey, but without being a street, leaving Niles with no ideas to take care of Dorothy. Niles talked to Cliff about his new body with human senses. Later, Niles is glad that Baby Doll, Jane's childish personality, and Dorothy have become friends. To fix things with Cliff, Niles sent Clara the videos with evidence of his experiments with Cliff so that father and daughter reconcile. Niles left Rita a key and a message to prevent the arrival of great evil.[8][25][6]

Niles Caulder Doom Patrol TV Series 013

Back to Yukon

Upon learning that Jane was turned wax by the Candlemaker and that Dorothy stole a spaceship to go into space, Niles asked Cliff for help to go into space to search for Dorothy while Larry was in charge of speaking with the Pioneers of the Uncharted. On their trip to the moon, Niles explained to Cliff how dangerous Dorothy could be if Candlemaker controls her. After Cliff rescued Dorothy from the moon, Niles thanked Cliff, but launched Cliff into space, as he was heading to Yukon. Niles tried to search for Slava, but discovered that she died, and spoke with Candlemaker, who revealed that his reign was approaching because Dorothy was still growing, something that scared Niles for the fate of the world. Running out of options, Niles contacted Kipling to make a deal with him to spend one last day with Dorothy and so Kipling murdered Dorothy to prevent Candlemaker from turning the world to wax.[17][26]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Dad Patrol

One last day together

Niles and Dorothy set out on a journey together while he communicated with Kipling about their last day. Niles took Dorothy to a carnival to have fun together, but Dorothy had visions of Slava and Candlemaker attacking. Niles was still dying and had little time to go to the afterlife. Despite the adversities of the day, father and daughter spent a great day together at the fair before saying goodbye. When Kipling arrived, Niles wanted to have more time, but it was too late, since Candlemaker was already free, and this angered Kipling, who left Niles on the floor about to die.[27]


Niles Caulder Doom Patrol TV Series 002

Finally dead

With her death assured, Niles saw Dorothy scared because the team was turned to wax and tried to calm Dorothy by promising that they would fix everything, but Slava in a ghost form appeared to talk to Dorothy so that she would accept her fate, to Despite Niles' prayers, but Dorothy agreed to face Candlemaker while Niles cried for his daughter and shortly after, Niles finally passed away, but Dorothy managed to calm Candlemaker down and returned the team to normalcy.[28][6]

Niles Caulder Doom Patrol TV Series 014

"And to be completely honest... I hoped it would help mend things between us."

Now as a Ghost, Niles visited Cliff, who was surprised to see him, but he tried to tell him to burn his body alive in order to be free from the manor, but out of his hatred, Cliff refused to help him by ruining his life. They both argued about their mistakes as parents. Niles tried to apologize to Cliff and revealed that he was the one who sent the videos to Clara, but Cliff did not apologize, although he thanked him for the good deed he did.

While he was still in the manor, Niles planned to have a sexual threesome with some ghosts that were left in the manor, but was transported to another place, since Kipling had thinking of reviving his friend, which turned out to be a success, but Niles revived only with his head, and tried to help Kipling win Baphomet in love, but Niles was kidnapped by Darren Jones, a former bureau agent who wanted revenge on the team.[6][16]

Niles Caulder Doom Patrol TV Series 015

"It's okay. I love you, Jane. I want you to eat me."

Niles tried to warn the team about Darren and the Were-Butts, but they paid no attention, and Kipling and the team, who turned Zombies, came to the rescue, something that surprised Niles. After being saved, Niles decided to sacrifice himself so that his friends could return to normality and said goodbye to Kipling and then spoke with Laura, the former agent of the bureau. Niles gave her information about his past, in exchange for her leaving the manor. With everything ready, Niles said goodbye to the team and sacrificed himself for the group to eat his head to return to normal.[16]


Even though he was dead, Niles' spirit continued to be hated by the group, who often remembered that he caused their accidents, and even earned the hatred of Dorothy, who was upset because she couldn't say goodbye to her father. In addition to the hatred towards her memory, Niles' enemies such as Laura tried to kill the group, but she redeemed herself and because of her immortality experiments, a cult began to pursue the team, converted into the second Doom Patrol, to extract their longevity and revive to Immortus.[29][4][30][12]



Other Characteristics


  • Wheelchair
  • Longevity Talisman (Formerly)


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