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{{DC Database:Character Template
{{DC Database:Character Template
| Image = Niles Caulder Titans TV Series 0002.jpg
| Image = Niles Caulder Titans TV Series 0001.jpg
| RealName = Niles Caulder
| RealName = Niles Caulder
| CurrentAlias = [[The Chief]]
| CurrentAlias = [[The Chief]]

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Dr. Niles Caulder, affectionally known as The Chief, is the leader of the Doom Patrol. A brilliant physician, he even healed himself from his paraplegia.[2]

Caulder became fascinated with Rachel Roth's abilities and wanted to experiment on her. At first she agreed, but quickly changed her mind. The Chief, however, was a persistent one and wouldn't let her go. Desperate, Rachel used her powers to attack him and escape. The attack broke Caulder's back and left him paraplegic once again.[2]

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  • Wheelchair (Formerly)



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