• Genius Level Intellect
    • Biology: Chief is an expert biology who has a deep understanding of the workings of a human body, specifically the nerve system and the brain.[1]
    • Surgery: Niles is an expert surgeon who is able to perform procedures few others can. He was able to transfer the brain of race car driver Cliff Steele into the body of an android.[2]
  • Leadership: Niles Caulder is the founder and leader of the Doom Patrol. He has lead the team on multiple field operations as well from the seat of his wheel chair. The team is incredibly loyal to the Chief as long as their orders are moral ones.[2]
  • Marksmanship: During field missions with the Doom Patrol, Niles often carried a pistol for self-defense.[2]



  • Wheelchair: After being crippled, Chief was forced to use a wheelchair to move around. This means he still has restrictions to where he can go as wheelchairs can only move on flat surfaces and cannot go up stairs.



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