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Niles Jarrod was a National City doctor on Earth-38. He was originally murdered by an Aurafacian but, after the Crisis, he was reborn on Earth-Prime where he suffered the same fate at the hands of Lex Luthor.


Niles Jarrod was born on Earth-38 where he became a famous doctor in National City.

In 2020, he met a CatCo Worldwide Media journalist, William Dey, who offered Jarrod a collaboration between them. Days later, Jarrod met him again in a night club and declined Dey's offer: however, the doctor was targeted by Caroline O'Connor, a skilled assassin who was possessed by an alien Aurafacian, who lured him away and murdered him.[1]


After the rebirth of the Multiverse and the merge of Earth-38 into Earth-Prime, Niles Jarrod was also reborn, along with the other Earth-38 residents.[2]

However, in the new timeline, Jarrod was still dead as Lex Luthor killed him to gain the trust of Eve Tessmacher who was previously tasked herself to murder Jarrod by the Leviathan organization.[3]

Months later, Jarrod's murder was recalled by Tessmacher during the trial of Luthor.[4]


  • Niles Jarrod was portrayed by Malcolm Masters.