Nina was born in a remote village in Romania inhabited by monsters of different types - werewolves, vampires, and swamp people. The village was discovered by Doctor Myron Mazursky who gained the monsters' trust and worked as their doctor for a while. When it was time for him to return to America, he brought with him a young amphibian girl without a family, who he named Nina and raised to believe she was his biological daughter who was scientifically transformed into an amphibian to save her life from an unknown lung disease. [1]

After bringing back samples from the village of monsters, Dr. Mazursky was forced to use his research to create a team of monsters for the US government, thus creating the Creature Commandos which his "daughter" Nina became a part of.

For the next two years, the Creature Commandos tore through Germany, spreading fear wherever they went, until 1945, when they managed to break into the bunker where Adolf Hitler and his generals were meeting. Frankenstein easily overpowered the defenses and slew the Fuhrer with his sword.

When World War II ended, the Creature Commandos had hoped to retire, but they were betrayed; Project M was taken over by Robert Crane, who viewed the Commandos as abominations and thus forced all of them into cryogenic suspension. Sixty-five years passed before the stasis tube holding Frankenstein was damaged, enabling him to escape. He freed his fellow commandos, and together they broke out of the Metropolis labs. With Lt. Shrieve long dead, Frankenstein now leads the Creature Commandos as they search for Dr. Mazursky's notes, hoping to find a way to lead normal lives in the new century. As the last known member of the Mazursky family, and thus the only person with any idea of where her father's notes might be found, Nina has become Frankenstein's right hand.

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