Nina Mazursky was a scientist for S.H.A.D.E.. She lost her only daughter from a terminal illness at a young age, which led to a divorce. Thereafter, Nina was driven to create the first generation of the Creature Commandos and growing an maternal attachment to them. Unfortunately, her creations were driven insane from lacking the experience to deal with emotions, and were thus incapable of coping with their urges and becoming a dangerous threat. Although Nina could not bear of seeing her creations killed, she instead plead to Dr. Ray Palmer in having them imprisoned in a microscopic prison called the Zoo.

Upon learning from her mistakes, Nina created a second generation of the Creature Commandos by having fully formed human beings capable with the transformations. She included herself in the experiment, transforming herself into an amphibian woman and joining among the ranks of the Commandos.[1]




  • Asphyxiation (Formerly): Nina could not breathe air and would have suffocated if her protective water tank helmet was breached.[2] Khalis later healed her, which allowed her to operate on land without her helmet.[3]



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