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The Ninth Circle is a powerful secret society who was created in ancient times and was responsible for the many changes in the human society, always operating from "behind the scenes".



The Ninth Circle was founded around the end of 14th Century and it was inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy. Since its origins, the organization was ruled by its own dark council and its existence was always kept secret from the world by its members: in modern days, no information about the society could not be even found on the dark web. The society orchestrated various historical events, like the War of the Roses or Russian Revolution, who caused immense changes in the human society; in modern days, the Ninth Circle deals with the criminal world and terrorist groups.

At some point in the 21th Century, the Ninth Circle associated itself with the Longbow Hunters, a group of fierce assassins who were sent by the society to do their dirty works.

Years later, the head of the Circle, Dante ordered to one of the Hunters, Kodiak, to kill a woman, Kazumi Adachi, in order to recruit her daughter, Emiko. The young girl was trained for many years by Dante, who was himself an highly skilled warrior, in order to become the future leader of the organization.

In 2018, the Ninth Circle allowed the Longbow Hunters to help Ricardo Diaz conquer Star City. Some time later, because of Emiko's revenge on his step-brother, Oliver Queen, the Ninth Circle was exposed to the Team Arrow and A.R.G.U.S. which began to track its moves and target its members during their operations. First, they targeted Virgil, a close associate of Dante who, later, confronted himself the Team many times: eventually, Queen and John Diggle managed to discover the truth about Kazumi Adachi's death from a Lonbow Hunner, Kodiak so they coudl reveal it to Emiko who murdered Dante in retaliation.

After Dante's death, Emiko took full control of the society's actions, deciding to to destroy Oliver and its comrades once and for all and finally take over Star City. However, the Ninth Circle council believed the girl to be compromised because of her vendetta so they secretly removed her as the leader of the organization and appointed the evil Beatrice the new woman in charge.

In the aftermath of an all-out battle between the Team Arrow and the Ninth Circle's henchmen which culminated in Emiko's death at the hands of Beatrice and, ultimately, the defeat of the Ninth Circle, the evil organiation considered their plans to be definitively foiled so they were forced to leave Star City forever.[1]


After the rebirth of the Multiverse, Oliver Queen's influence on Earth-Prime slightly changed as, in the new reality, Beatrice was not able to kill Emiko who survived and redeemed herself.[2]


  • In the comics, the Ninth Circle is an evil, financial corporation who took over Star City and ruined Oliver Queen's life until he managed to defeat the group and made them leave his city.

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