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Quote1 If someone robs a casino, if someone hacks into a bank and empties its accounts, where do you think they stash their money? Under the mattress? If a criminal organization wants to build an arsenal... experiment with bio-warfare... take control of a city... where do you think they seek out loans? Evil is expensive. Let me put this as crassly as possible. The bad guys make trouble, but the really bad guys make trouble possible. Probably this comes as no surprise to hear... the really bad guys? They're bankers. The Ninth Circle is a bank. Quote2

The Ninth Circle is an international criminal organisation and bank.


The board of directors are corrupt executives from varying, multinational corporations, who wear masks to conceal their identity. The lower members are forced to join: they're either kidnapped by the organisation itself, or they enlist the Underground Men. The captives are then given a "rebirth" in lava, burning their skin and somehow brainwashing them into mindless servants. To symbolise their membership, coins of nine circles are inserted in their eyes.

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