Nix Uotan first appeared in Countdown to Final Crisis as a member of the multiversal race of Monitors. Presiding over Earth-51, Nix Uotan ensured that his universe operated smoothly and without quandaries. However, disaster fell upon his world not once but twice as a result of sabotage on Dax Novu's part. He was stripped of his status as a Monitor, and banished to the "germ world" of Earth. When Mandrakk II rises after the Multiverse has fallen due to Darkseid, Nix Uotan reclaims his Monitor powers, with the help of the New God Metron, and fights alongside Superman to defeat the Dark Monitor. After seeing that the Multiverse needs to be free of the interference of the Monitors, he initiates the destruction of the race, save himself. In the New 52, Nix continues to defend the Multiverse against unimaginable threats, alongside Mister Stubbs, as the Superjudge. Nix Uotan was created by Paul Dini, Sean McKeever, Keith Giffen, and Jamal Igle.

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