The Calculator is considered as one of the most brilliant minds in the world.[1] He used to act in the shadows until he made his big supervillain debut during the New Metropolis University Science Building Dedication ceremony, where he destroyed Mr. Terrific's research center and stole the T-Spheres after hacking them. His plan was to use them to shut down the power grid of any bank or government installation and take whatever he wants. When Mister Terrific and Firestorm managed to catch up with him, The Calculator used the T-Spheres to hack into the Firestorm Matrix and kidnap Ronald Raymond once he was separated from Martin Stein. After some time, Stein and Mister Terrific found the secret lair of the Calculator and brought him to justice.[2]

When he was out of jail and back to his lair, the Calculator was captured by Mister Mind and was forced to participate in a contest for intellect and physical prowess. He was disqualified in the platform part as he was kicked into the pit by Batman after trying to blast him away.[1]





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