Noah Pastenetti was a torch for the Gotham mob for years. He earned the nickname "Arclight" because of the manner in which he detonated his bombs. He eventually fell in love with a reporter named Alicia Parker. She used his stories to write a bestseller, keeping his identity a secret, until one day she dropped it on a news broadcast. The mob was not amused, and they kidnapped Pastenetti and locked him up in an unfinished nuclear reactor before blowing the place up (the plant had never gone online and they were trying to collect on the insurance money). Pastenetti wasn't killed, however, but rather transformed into an energy being. Placed inside a containment suit, though his altered state left him quite mad. He blamed not only Parker but ALL reporters and decided to try and kill as many as possible. Ten years after his supposed death, he turned up in Washington D.C. and hired some muscle to attack some reporters in town for a convention. One of those reporters was Lois Lane, who was saved by Agent Liberty. Another was Clark Kent, who did not need rescuing. Lois and Liberty figured out Pastenetti was the one responsible for the hit and tracked down Alicia Parker--but Arclight was already there, and he had murdered the reporter. He disappeared before Superman could apprehend him.[1]

Jimmy Olsen decided a couple of months later to try and flush Arclight out. He ran an ad announcing the contents of Alica Parker's safety deposit box would be opened on a given day. True to form, Arclight showed up to claim the box. Lucikly, Superman was nearby, and he engaged Arclight. Grabbing hold of Superman, Arclight explained how LexCorp had created his suit and harvested his condition. He also explained how his condition left him incapable of feeling any sensation at all. He burnt through his containment suit and merged his energy into Superman, who was knocked out by the exchange. Thankfully, Jimmy and the Newsboy Legion caught Superman in the Whiz Wagon and took him to S.T.A.R. Labs where Emil Hamilton was able to siphon off Arclight's energy into a containment chamber, believing that even in that form Arclight was still alive.[2]

Hamilton was eventually able to create a new suit suitable for Arclight to be transferred into so that he could could stand trial.


Nuclear energy based, able to fire energy blasts, fly, and apparently able to teleport; could survive without his suit


Had no sensations (touch, taste, etc)



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