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The Dark Knight Trilogy, also called the Nolanverse, is the continuity of Christopher Nolan's live-action films adapting DC Comics' Batman stories in a more grounded and realistic manner.




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  • The novels Batman: Dead White, Batman: Inferno, and Batman: Fear Itself are tie–ins to Batman Begins, intended to be set after that film, but the events of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises contradict them and render them non-canon.
  • While Batman Begins was the only film in the trilogy to receive a console video game, mobile games were made based on The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. A game based on The Dark Knight was in development but was canceled.
  • Batman: Gotham Knight is considered canon to the Nolanverse, despite none of the actors from Batman Begins reprising their roles in it, as well as Wayne Manor being rebuilt, apparently prior to The Dark Knight.
  • The films are all original stories, but they draw heavily from many Batman comic storylines, with the heaviest influences being "Year One", "The Long Halloween", "Knightfall", and "The Dark Knight Returns".


  • The Nolanverse was meant to be as realistic as possible. The Lazarus Pits do not exist, the Joker wears clown makeup as opposed to having his skin bleached by chemicals like in the comics, and there is no indication that any metahumans or other superheroes exist in this universe.
    • Matt Reeves' The Batman also tried to ground Batman in a more realistic universe, but was more stylized and had more heightened elements than Nolan's films.
  • Zack Snyder stated it was briefly considered to retroactively make the Dark Knight Trilogy the start of the DC Extended Universe while making Man of Steel. Had this occurred, John Blake, Bruce Wayne's successor, would have likely been the version of the Batman seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.[1]

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