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Nomoz was the mentor of Jean-Paul Valley on his journey to activate "The System" that allowed him to become Azrael.

Nomoz used his knowledge of hypnosis to unleash Jean-Paul's programming and introduced him to the Order of St. Dumas.[1] Nomoz provided Jean-Paul with the latest Azrael battle suit and he guided the new Angel of Vengeance against the demon Biis, who was killing members of the Order of St. Dumas.[2] Biis hurt Azrael and captured Batman, leaving Nomoz and Alfred to take care of the wounded Jean-Paul and plan the rescue of Batman. Soon, they went to Biis' hideout and broke inside the place.[3] However, after a brutal fight and a big explosion, Azrael managed to rescue Batman, despite Nomoz's instructions to let him die and eliminate Biis instead. Nomoz scolded Jean-Paul for neglecting his duty as Azrael, but Jean-Paul was sure he did the right thing.[4]

A year later, Nomoz would meet Jean-Paul again and assist him in freeing his Dwarfish people from the control of the Order of St. Dumas and ultimately aid in the destruction of the Switzerland sect of the religious cult.[5]

Nomoz would become a consistent ally of Jean-Paul Valley, assisting him in escaping a plot by Gray Abbott in Arkham Asylum[6] and later in confronting and defeating Bane.[7]



  • Nomoz is a dwarfling; a caste of creatures created by the Order of St. Dumas.