Quote1 Nomoz...he's the one who came for me...he's the one who broke me. For the greater glory of God. Quote2
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A dwarfling, Nomoz was a genetically-engineered servant of the Order of St. Dumas. As such he was an early mentor of Jean-Paul Valley. He came to find him many years later to warn him about a new threat; Ascalon but was wounded in a massacre only him and one other monk survived.[1] He was taken to the Belfry but Ascalon attacked there shortly afterward. It is then revealed that the true purpose of Nomoz's arrival was to tell Jean-Paul that ascalon was the A.I in his suit and his artificial brother. However, before he can finish, Ascalon kills him which enrages Azreal and he rips a hole through Ascalon.[2]




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