Nora Fries, born Nora Fields, was the wife of scientist Victor Fries until she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Unable to bear losing his beloved wife, Victor decided to cryogenically preserve her, in the hopes that in the future he would find a way to cure her. She was stored in a Wayne Enterprises facility. Victor devoted his life to curing Nora, becoming the supervillain Mister Freeze in the process.

During Nora's time in cryostasis, Victor was searching for a way to cure her of her deathly disease. After experimenting on multiple women, Victor was able to revive Nora and cure her of her condition by turning her into his likeness.[2]

After revival, Nora understood and embraced Victor's lifestyle of being a villain, going by the name "Mrs. Freeze." Eventually, she began to see Victor as a bother for wanting her to give up the new life she just accepted. She parted ways with him by force and decided to continue her new life in crime.[3]

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  • Dancing: Nora was a ballerina before her diagnoses.[4]


  • Cryo-Suit: Wears a suit that keeps her body temperature below freezing. (Formerly)




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