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Nora Fries was a beautiful woman who fell in love with gifted but troubled scientist Victor Fries. They eventually married, and lived a happy existence. However, Nora fell ill of a rare decease, and Victor tried to keep her alive by freezing her in a state of suspended animation until he could find a cure.

Victor's employers found out about his personal research and shut it down, causing an accident that transformed Victor into Mister Freeze. Freeze has ever since searched for any possible means to cure Nora, most of them of criminal nature.

Arkham City

Nora's chamber was held captive by the Joker thanks to Professor Hugo Strange. Joker blackmailed Freeze into making a cure for his Titan poisoning. Eventually, Batman rescued Nora from Joker's men and Freeze was able to be reunited with her.

Arkham Knight

A malfunction of the chamber caused Nora to awake, and revealed she was always conscious while in suspended animation. During a battle against the Militia, Victor was forced to sacrifice all his work in order to save his wife's life, but Nora chose to not be treated, and left on a ship with him to live their last days together.



  • In a sense of irony, Nora is indirectly responsible for her husband's transformation into Mr. Freeze.
  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the and is an adaptation of Nora Fries. The original character was created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm and first appeared in the episode "Heart of Ice" of the series Batman.
  • Nora Fries was voiced by Cissy Jones for Arkham Knight.
  • Nora's appearance is inconsistent throughout the series: in Arkham City she has long blonde hair, in Arkham origins she has long brown hair and by the events of Arkham Knight her hair is short.



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