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Nora Allen was the mother of Barry Allen. Her death put Barry on the path to becoming the Flash.

Nora Thompson Allen[1] lived in Central City with her husband Henry and their son Barry. One night Nora had just put Barry in bed and was enjoying a glass of wine when all of a sudden the liquid in her glass started behaving strangely. All of a sudden a time-travelling adult Barry in his Flash suit and Eobard Thawne dressed as Reverse-Flash crashed through the kitchen window and began duking it out as a tornado of red and yellow lightning. Henry and Barry went down to investigate. Henry told Barry to run when the adult Flash grabbed his child self and left him twenty blocks down. Eobard proceeded to stab Nora, killing her, then dashed off into the night. Henry was unjustly apprehended by the cops as Barry made his way back home to discover his mother's corpse. Barry would spend the next ten years becoming a crime scene scientist in order to prove his father's innocence, to no avail. On the night the STAR Labs particle accelerator exploded, Barry was at the lab pondering over his mom's death when a freak lightning bolt laced with theoretical particles impacted him and the wall of chemicals behind him, sending him into a coma for the next nine months from which he would wake up to discover his new powers, powers he would use to help Central City as the Flash. Barry's adventures would eventually lead him to suspect that Doctor Harrison Wells was the one who murdered Nora, even though the two unknown DNA samples studied by his buddy Cisco Ramon pointed to an unknown individual (Eobard Thawne) and an adult Barry.