Neandra was a member of the Paladins.

Noralee Andrews, a woman who had a severe psychological problem, became a "cavewoman" adventurer of the 1940s known as Neandra after gaining her powers through some unknown means. Initially, many people had believed she was an actual cavewoman due to her adopted Cro-Magnon-like persona. She was tasked to monitor the Hiroshima bombing in 1945, where she was captured and conscripted into the NOTB Program. Under the auspices of the Program, Neandra became an accomplished hero until The High and The Eidolon destabilized the Program.



  • Noralee suffers from cripplingly low self esteem, and she combats this by filling reams of paper with sentences like "YOU ARE NOT A MONSTER. YOU ARE A STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. MEN ARE AFRAID OF WHAT THEY CAN'T CONTROL. GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO FEAR."[1]


Neandra carries a caveman's club.



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