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Norchavius is a member of the Green Lantern Corps.


Norchavius is a renowned sculptor throughout his sector. He was a good friend of the Lantern Archon Z'gmora, whose death he commemorated with the creation of a stunning tribute. Much of the statuary throughout Oa's Great Gardens is the work of Norchavius.

On the world of Gra'var every creature has the ability of flight, and all land masses float in the sky. Norchavius used his ring for added support for his home world which has extremely low gravity, making him weaker than the average Lantern, but his immense willpower easily compensated for that shortcoming.

A sculptor of great renown throughout the galaxy, Norchavius constructed most of the statues found around Oa. His eye for detail is unmatched and his works of art are priceless. Anyone fortunate enough to witness Norchavius in action would be stunned by the beauty of his constructs. It was even rumored that felons have frozen in place when confronted by them, allowing for an easy arrest.

This Emerald Warrior's long tail often functioned as a third limb but can also be used as a powerful whip in battle.

Intergalactic serial killer N'Gon murdered Norchavius's friend and fellow Lantern, Archon Z'gmora. Norchavius is indebted to Hal Jordan for bringing the killer to justice.




  • Reduced Strength: He is physically weak on most planets because of his own planet's low gravity.



  • Norchavius is a renowned sculptor in his sector.
  • Every construct he creates is a work of art as if built by hand with the most intricate detail.


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