The Norfulthing is a terror elemental that manifests itself into a physical form based upon the subconscious creativity of another.

The Norfulthing is not a traditional demon in that it is not bound by common restrictions associated with invocation or summoning. It has once been described as partly a giant dog and partly a monkey "with a purple bum, like at the zoo". The Norfulthing wears its internal organs on the outside of its skin, including its heart, muscles, veins and genitalia. In 1978, amateur occultist and nightclub owner Alex Logue held a series of tantric sex rituals in the cellar of his establishment, the Casanova Club. He forced his young daughter Astra to partake in these rituals, and the experience traumatized her so greatly, that she inadvertently conjured up the terror elemental to protect her. The Norfulthing slaughtered everyone in room, sparing only Astra. A short time later, John Constantine and a group of his friends (informally known as the Newcastle Crew), discovered the carnage in the bottom of Logue's basement. In an effort to destroy the Norfulthing, John attempted to summon a more powerful demon to combat it. He mis-spoke the spell, and summoned the demon Nergal, who took possession of Astra Logue and used her as the instrument by which to destroy the Norfulthing.





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