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Quote1 Oh, people die for all kinds of ridiculous reasons - why not for art? Quote2
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Norman Rotrig, the Man Who Laughs, is the Joker of France and an enemy of Nightrunner.

Norman's mother died during his birth. His father, a mad artist, took the baby and made him into an "artwork" by cutting his lips away and making him "smile" forever. As an adult, Norman took revenge on his father by cutting him into pieces and putting them in glass boxes, all while keeping him alive and letting him watch a video. Meanwhile, Batman, Robin and Nightrunner were trying to find Rotrig. To force the three heroes look for him, he freed four of Paris' craziest villains from prison, taking a gas bomb in front of his head that makes him look like "The son of the man".


Other Characteristics

  • "L'homme qui rire" is not a correct translation and makes no sense in French, its correct form would be "L'homme qui rit" just like the title of Victor Hugo's novel because "rire" is the verbal base and "rit" is the correct form to put after "who" (qui, in french).
  • This character's alias is a reference to the 1928 silent film, The Man Who Laughs, which is often cited as an inspiration for the Joker. "Norman S. Rotrig" is an anagram of "Grant Morrison", the original writer of the Batman and Robin series. The Man Who Laughs, or "L'homme qui rit" in french, was originally a philosophic novel written by Victor Hugo.



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