Norris MacKenize (or simply Norris) is a soldier who was killed, but later resurrected.

He joined the International Operations division referred to as Numbskulls after they resurrected him.

The teams first assignment was set up as an explosive had been planted in PFC Sutcliffe's cybernetics, causing Meloney to explode, and Sarge to lose his flesh.

Norris, with the surviving members of the group, set out to hunt down those which sabotaged their mission. They were unsuccessful in killing John Lynch as he was not where they expected him to be. Norris, however, was able to kill their other target, Kyle LeFavre. Norris, as the munitions expert, fired a rocket at Kyle's vehicle, killing both Kyle and his driver, Dennis.

Despite the success of killing the second target, the team was still defeated by John Lynch and Gen 13.


Zombie Physiology


Firearms - Norris was the munitions expert of the Numbskulls.


Rocket Launcher



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