Quote1.png All the way from Dimension 4 9/8, Robin's double, DNA buddy, and number one fan: Nosyarg Kcid! Quote2.png
Larry the Titan src

Larry is an imp from the 4 9/8ths Dimension that observed the adventures of the Teen Titans, becoming Robin's self proclaimed biggest fan.

When Robin accidentally wrecked the R-Cycle while pursuing a nasty thug named Johnny Rancid, he wound up with his arm in a cast. Lucky for Robin, he got a helpful visit from his number one fan: a little weirdo from another dimension known as Larry the Titan. But unfortunately for Robin, Larry's reality bending powers caused more problems than they fixed.

With Larry's reality bending beyond control, Johnny Rancid took advantage of the situation to gain great new powers for himself. Larry had to learn to trust himself - and with Robin's help - he eventually restored reality and defeated Rancid.

Beast Boy listed him along with Jason Todd among the possible identities of Red X. This theory was quickly discarded by the others.[1]

New Teen Titans

Larry appears while the Titans are attempting to unmask the villain Red X. Larry appears as one of the masks under Red X's original. Larry begins to cheer on his idol but is interrupted by the comical unmasking taking place.[2]


  • Reality Alteration: With his finger, Larry has the power to bend reality to his choosing, though rarely exactly to its desired result.


  • Injuring his Magic Finger: Bending or breaking his finger can cause his reality-bending powers to go out of control. His powers will loom as a magical fountain on top of the building where he lost them. Whomever jumps into the fountain gains Larry's powers.

  • Larry was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • Larry shares some similarity with Bat-Mite, the unwanted admirer of Batman, who is able to bend reality to whatever he desires.



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