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Quote1 When the Wudesh were destroyed, Rhapastan had a new opportunity. We could rule ourselves. We could be honest about what we were. We could begin a grand crusade to make our children stronger than the weak adults who came before. These people you seek to protect. Their children ask for nothing but the future. They will not be silenced. They will not be ruled. They will bleed Vakhar dry, reduce its aged cowards to ashes, and stomp the remains to ashen dirt. Nothing has power over them. Do you see now, Green Arrow? Quote2
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Nothing was an enemy of Green Arrow.


Adi's story began as during his time as a child soldier, sold to one of the major drug dealing clans in Rhapastan by his parents to cover their debts. During his time as a soldier, his life was altered forever when he met Deathstroke, who entering Rhapastan for a contract. After intentionally leading Slade into a trap, he watched as Slade slaughtered the bandits that attempted to extort him. When he drew a gun on Slade, his punishment was a broken finger and a lesson in the price of hesitation. He then delivered Slade to Vakhar, and Slade began paying Adi for shelter while in the city on the condition that he stayed away from his belongings.

As Slade operated, Adi had a run-in with a rival assassin called The Balkan, who spared him even after killing the rest of his group. Enamored, he asked Slade to teach him how to fight, but was turned down. Later on, he made a half-baked attempt to rescue Slade when he was attacked by rival assassins seeking to steal his contract. He was bailed out by a wounded Slade, so Adi cared for him until he recovered, at which point he confronted Slade about the fact that he was the Balkan. For his troubles, Slade gave him a duffel bag of gold coins and was told to leave the city. On the way home, the bus Adi was on was raided by bandits, and while he considered fighting them, he decided to leave. Returning to Vahkar, he encountered Slade, whose contract to collapse Rhapastan was completed. Armed with a pistol and Slade's money, he headed back into the city as evacuations continued.[1]

As Vahkar imploded from the fallout of Deathstroke's actions, Adi spent the next six months taking over what was left of the city. Inspired by Slade, he outfitted himself with makeshift armor reminiscent of his idol and took the alias Nothing. Preaching a message of bringing the next generation of Rhapistani people to power and erasing the old generation, Adi gathered and militarized the children left in Vahkar to establish power. Taking advantage of the adults' love for their children, he forced them to scavenge for supplies and surrender any relief items sent from the rest of the world, intending to work the adults to death until only children remained in the city.

This death spiral continued until it gained the attention of Oliver Queen, whose relief shipments were being stolen by Nothing's band. After his army shot Queen's latest shipment - delivered personally by him - out of the sky, he was later confronted by the Green Arrow when he arrives to take the supplies that survived the crash. After explaining his grand plan to create a better future in Rhapastan, he and his army attacked Green Arrow, who refused to use his full arsenal after learning that his enemies were all children. Despite that, Nothing was cornered, until Green Arrow hesitated when he sees Adi's face and realized he was a child too. He then used the hesitation to shoot Green Arrow and left him for dead, taking the supplies with him.[2]

Some time after his encounter with Green Arrow, Nothing's base was attacked by a band of young freedom fighters backed by Green Arrow, who they managed to save. Nothing tried to oppose them, but the resistance managed to convince his army to stand down while he was defeated by Green Arrow. The resistance fighters attempted to execute Adi for his actions, but he was spared after the adults, who were warned by Green Arrow, convinced the kids not to murder him.[3]




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