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Quote1.png At the end, she submitted to Your Majesty's wishes. As do we all, sweet Hippolyta eternal. As do we all. Quote2.png
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Nubia is an Amazon from Amazonia.

She is Queen Hippolyta's right-hand woman and lover and is always by her side as her counselor.

Hippolyta sent her, Mala, Troia and Artemis — and the Gorgon Medusa — to the United States of America in search for Princess Diana, the new Wonder Woman, to force her to return to Paradise Island and face the trial for her misdemeanor of protecting US Air Force pilot Steven Trevor, a man who crashed on Paradise Island, and taking him to the Man's World without the permission of the Queen.

During Diana's trial, when Hippolyta had to face responsibility for her own past deeds and fooling her own daughter, Nubia persuaded the Queen not to abdicate the throne, saying that this decision was not for her to make, putting the crown back on her head.[2]

Nubia witnessed the murder of Hippolyta by Baroness Paula von Gunther, ordering the Amazons to destroy her and then holding Hippolyta's lifeless body in her arms. Paula went after Diana in the USA, chased by the Amazons in pursuit of her. During the fight between them in Washington, D.C., the battle moved to the gardens of the White House, which was considered an act of war.[3]

After the defeat of Ares, the elevation of the Amazon Island and the declaration of the patriarchy's fall in the world, evolving mankind from the "age of Ares and Hades" to the "age of Athena and Aphrodite" by order of the new Amazon Queen, Diana prepared to mold a new body out of clay for Hippolyta and bring her back to life as a child using her eternal heart, to the happy commotion of Nubia and the other Amazons.[1]

One thousand years in the future

Nubia became one of the members of the Council of Presidents in the world-wide Republic of Harmonia on Gaia in the 31st century.[1]





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