Quote1.png Hear me, daughter of mothers. Defender and protector. Know me, for I come. And I bring with me glory. Power. I am with you, lioness. My strength is your strength. Now. Rise. And roar! Quote2.png
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The Amazon princess Nubia is Wonder Woman, inheriting the title of champion of the Amazons after Princess Diana and Yara Flor. She's the fabled Lost Princess of the Amazons, daughter to Hippolyta and half-sister to Diana, but abandoned and forgotten for reasons not revealed.[1]

Things have not been stable on Paradise Island for some time, and Nubia has found a new home in Man's World. Now, she is tasked with protecting it from the dangers of the world of myths and magic.[2]

Just a few decades into the future after the period when Yara Flor was the Wonder Woman, Nubia has come to Man's World—specifically, to the city of Atlanta—to escape a Themyscira that’s become more threatening over time. But she’s about to encounter danger from more than just one mythos as she adjusts to her new surroundings.[3]

Nubia is in Man’s World because the sacred duty of the Amazons has been neglected in the years following the war that defined the future state of the world. She spent her formative years observing mortals, interacting with them under the tutelage of her Aunt Nancy. Having established a connection with this place and its inhabitants, she is keen to help them where and when she can. This is her world, and she will not abandon it.[3][4]




  • Bracelets of Submission
  • Lasso of Truth
  • Oshun's Crown: The tiara used by Nubia is the crown of the African goddess Oshun, one of the pieces that formed the Master Key that at the dawn of mankind sealed the portal, The Doorway, with a monstrosity beyond, the primordial forces, to free the gods of the various pantheons from the prison of their angry and rage.[1]



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