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"Verse Five: This Is How The World Ends": Rosado and Stringer are forced at gunpoint by Doctor Sin into putting The High's unconscious body inside one of the stasis tubes. When the bunker's alarm alerts to the presence of the strike team, Sin then has Stri

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Number of the Beast #5 is an issue of the series Number of the Beast (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2008.

Synopsis for "Verse Five: This Is How The World Ends"

Rosado and Stringer are forced at gunpoint by Doctor Sin into putting The High's unconscious body inside one of the stasis tubes. When the bunker's alarm alerts to the presence of the strike team, Sin then has Stringer put into the last unoccupied tube and instantly disintegrating Rosado with his Sintrino Cannon. Sin then returns to the control room and shuts off the bunker's alarm system, alerting General Somerset at command of Sin's actions. The strike team then explodes the bunker's entrance. Alerted by this, Dr. Sin activates the bunker's defense systems which takes out the strike team, except for Lieutenant Welles, the only survivor, to safely enter the bunker.

Back in the program, The High wakes up and quickly subdues the Horseman Pestilence, saving Hotfoot and Johnny Ray-Gun. On Paladin Hill, Mite explained to the Paladins about The High 'murdering' Dr. Sin.

In the bunker, Dr. Sin is amused by the situation going on inside the program and then deactivates the Horsemen, which digitally deletes the Horsemen of War that was fighting Mago and Tumbleweed. Much to their confusion, Mago then tends to a wounded Engine Joe and is surprised to discover that under his body armor are the remains of his heart and lung, thus leaving Joe's impalement from the Horseman without any fatal injuries.

On the other side of the City, Pestilence has also been deleted and The High tries to explain to Johnny Ray-Gun and Hotfoot that they and the other heroes and villains are trapped in a virtual reality world. Stringer suddenly catches up and verifies that what The High is telling all of them about the Number of the Beast is true. He also tells them that if they "die" in the program, they'll be sent back to Bunker One.

Annoyed with this new development, Dr. Sin releases Aeronaut from his stasis tube. Sin bashes him in the head and sets him up at the control panel as a decoy. Just then, Lieutenant Welles enters the control room and proceeds to shoot Aeronaut while thinking he's Dr. Sin.

In the program, The High carries Hotfoot and Johnny Ray-Gun to Paladin Hill. After telling Ray-Gun and Hotfoot to tend their wounds, The High talks to The Eidolon demanding from him why he of all people who knew about the simulation never fully told anyone but him. Eidolon replies that he wasn't "ready" for the 'role' he has to free everyone and that in order for everyone to die, they have to believe that they are fighting something real. When asked by The High about his role in the simulation in which the Eidolon explains to him that he was intended to be the villain (the "Anit-Christ") for the Paladins to kill him in order to 'save' their City during the 'apocalypse'. Much to the Eidolon's amusement he further tells High of his role to the Paladins beforehand and The High is then attacked by the heroes, in which Redeemer brings out the High's weakness highnium. However, The High is unfazed by this (as he found a cure to his weakness in the 1970s) and begins 'killing' every member of the Paladins, allowing them to be awaken in the real world. After killing Johnny Ray-Gun, The High is then contacted by Lieutenant Welles who informs him that he and everyone in the City will be killed as per orders from the American government. However, The High kills Hotfoot last but tells him that once he wakes up in the bunker, he must locate Lieutenant Welles and stop her. After quickly killing Hotfoot, High tries to reason with Welles against the government's unjustifiable return for the Paladins after the amount of generosity and good deeds that they have done for the world.

Elsewhere, nestled deep within a remote mountain range, a military hatch opens and reveals rows of stasis tubes that are becoming active.

Appearing in "Verse Five: This Is How The World Ends"

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Other Characters

  • Captain Rosado (Dies)
  • Sergeant Timothy Stringer
  • Aeronaut (Dies)


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  • Sintrino Cannon


  • None



  • Sergeant Stringer's first name is reveal to be Timothy.
  • Doctor Sin referred to Aeronaut as being "less laughable than that cretin Johnny Rocketman." Johnny Rocketman is another World War II era hero, who carried a jetpack like Aeronaut, and first appeared in The Authority: Revolution.

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