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Quote1.png I don't get to choose the visions. If I did, I'd only come around when I foresaw you being in a good mood. Quote2.png
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Dream Girl is one of the most gifted "precogs" of Naltor. She left the Precommandos (the lawmen of Naltor) to join the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Dream Girl foretold a possible upcoming galactic war, and that Lemnos had a critical tie to it. She has also told Brainiac 5 that they will be married eventually. When the Terror Firma attacks the Legion Headquarters, Dream Girl rescues so many as she can from falling debris.

But she is crushed to death when the whole building collapses. Brainiac 5 held her body in stasis, trying to find some way to resurrect her, but he didn't succeed. However, later, she encountered Brainiac 5 in his dreams, giving him advice about the future. She has also encountered Dream Boy, her replacement in the Legion, and told him about Cosmic Boy's plans of winning the war against the Dominators.

Later, her body is cloned by Brainac 5, and she returned to it from the subconscious state after Brainy met with her and proposed. When she was finally back in her physical form, Brainy and Dream Girl told the other Legionnaires that they where getting married (this was at the end of war with the Dominators).



  • Genius Level Intellect: Dream Girl has a keen knowledge of Naltorian super-science and has used these skills to alter Lightning Lass' powers, enabling her to affect the mass of other objects.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): She is also expertly trained in hand-to-hand combat, a skill she found necessary to develop to compensate for having such a passive super-power.


  • Power Limitation: Visions and precognition came to her rather than her causing them to appear.


  • This version of Nura Nal has an almost unnoticeable star-shaped earring on her right ear.



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