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Quote1.png I have seen our near future, Legionnaires, and it is glorious chaos! Quote2.png
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Dream Girl is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

When they were being recruited into the Legion, Nura Nal revealed to the founders Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad that they three had been in their dreams for cycles, a power that almost all Naltorians have, which is why they were so excited to meet them in the flesh and bones for the first time.[1]

The founders were delighted with a sample of their powers when they showed them by astral projection the glorious chaos that will be the dream future of the Legion. Lightning Lad then gave them the alias Dream Girl. At first they questioned the use of "girl", showing that they don't necessarily see themself in that gender, but ended up agreeing.[1]

Nura Nal is one of the most powerful precognitives on Naltor,[2] and, during the battle of the combined forces of the Horraz, Mordru and Rogol Zaar against the Legion in New Krypton, the combined action of them, White Witch and Saturn Girl proved decisive.[3]



  • Although recognized as a woman, Nura is referred to with the non-binary pronoun "they".[2]



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