The O'Dare Family have been a constant with Opal City's police force since the first O'Dare came to America from Ireland.


In his final days as Sheriff of Opal City in 1899, Brian Savage believed he was becoming too old to continue his law enforcement duties. He began evaluating his men to see who would inherit his badge once he left his Sheriff position. He ended up choosing his youngest deputy, Carny O'Dare. Carny died in an infamous shootout in Opal called "The Seige of Garlic Lane," but not before his title was changed from Sheriff to Chief-of-Police.

Billy "Red" O'Dare was the next O'Dare known to become an officer for Opal City. He was only a rookie cop during the 1940s when he was saved by Starman (Ted Knight). Since then, Billy continued to aid the crime-fighter during his tenure as Opal's protector.

Billy had five children, all of them became an Opal City police officer. The entire clan were great friends and allies of Jack Knight, Ted's son, during his time as Starman.

Clarence O'Dare is the oldest and highest ranking officer. His official title is "Police Liaison" to the superheroes who come to Opal City. He comes from a stable married home-life. His wife is named Faith O'Dare.

The next oldest was Matt O'Dare. At first, he was a crooked cop who took bribes. He tried to amend his sins, with the help of the Shade, after he realized that he was the reincarnation of Brian Savage (Scalphunter).[1]

Barry O'Dare was a detective who betrayed the family by helping Culp when he controlled the Shade's body. He died when he attempted to kill his oldest brother, Clarence.

Mason O'Dare is the youngest of the O'Dare men. He, like his father, is a beat-cop at heart. He has shown to be a man of a few words, but quite a daredevil in his crime-fighting ways. After the events of Grand Guginol,[2] he and the psychic Charity agreed to be married. After their proposal, he was shot by an arrow from the villain Spider, but as a wedding present, he was saved with the help of Zatara's lingering spirit.

Hope O'Dare is the youngest of the O'Dare children. She constantly struggles to prove herself to her brothers. Being a classic Irish spitfire, she is very suspicious of The Shade, not for his shadow powers, but because he is English.



  • The O'Dares, as police officers, have legal access to firearms. None have been shown to have meta capabilities, except for Matt, who was the reincarnation of Scalphunter, and near the end of his life could catch glimpses of his predecessor's life.


  • Police vehicles.


  • Each of the O'Dare children had a weapon's preference. Matt O'Dare used two pistols; one his service semi-automatic and the other a revolver. Hope preferred a tactical shot gun. Mason and Clarence used single semi-automatic service pistols.

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